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3 EmptyServer GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch map-management server-tools  
3 VSwear V2.1 Updated 10/25/06 Venjax .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin chat newtag  
3 [AddOn] Real Time 3D Drawing - Version 0.3 McFly logo  
3 Looney! v2.02 Now with Simpsons Don .Counter-Strike: Source silly sounds  
3 CSSDM - v1.7D (11/26/06) JakeTheSnake deathmatch gameplay mod  
3 jsPrvTalk - Private Chat In Game! StealthAssassin chat  
3 Johnnys Join_Server saRs| Johnny-5 multi-server server-tools  
3 Roeliekt's Grenade Sounds v1.0 Roeliekt grenades sounds  
3 Five_Portal Fivekiller effects portals  
3 yATF_ES - mrYoung Anti-TeamFlash ES mryoung .Counter-Strike: Source announcement  
3 SpawnConquer GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch gameplay  
3 FatalShots GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source effects weapons  
3 kingPING's CL_RSC kicker v0.87 (Updated 24/05/2007) *DEAD* client server-tools  
3 VoteMod v1.0 by JoeyT2007 JoeyT2006  
3 Svens Reserved Slots Sarcasm_Poisoning reserve-slots  
3 Booby-Trap! 7355608  
3 PinPull 7355608  
3 VoteFF *XYZ*SaYnt  
3 Sabotage-Mod v1.1 [updated 04/27/2007] *new videos* Phaedrus effects gameplay mod  
3 SmartRates v. 0.9 *XYZ*SaYnt .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch rate server TF2  
3 Save Position [NATO]Hunter .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base climb fun TF2  
3 Safe_spawn/Give spawned players a chance. works with WC cladiron .Day of Deafeat: Source  
3 [1.5.0+]Skillz Admin 0.5 skillz92 admin uses_auth  
3 [MORT] Config spéciale en fonction de la map. Nicolous .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch français  
3 Ace First Map Ace Rimmer admin map-management  
3 16k Every Round v1.0.0 John Galt cash  
3 [1.5.0+]SkiLLz Ranks 1.0.1[06.06.07] _SkiLLz_  
3 [Addon Script] Anti_spawn_kill complete ! cbirou  
3 Anti_spawn_kill cbirou .Counter-Strike: Source spawn  
3 Download_management c_bass7 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin download-management français french TF2  
3 admin connect DoCky .Counter-Strike: Source admin advert adverts français french messaging sound sounds  
3 Rocketjump Blade .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch fun mod weapons  
3 Thetime Blade .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch time  
3 [29/7/07] SSBP v1.0 -Skill Before Pro- sn4k3 .Counter-Strike: Source bomb gameplay hostages objectives stats  
3 GG Scopeless Scout RideGuy .Counter-Strike: Source weapon  
3 gg_NoCash GoodfellaDeal .Counter-Strike: Source cash leveling  
3 gg_grenade cbirou .Counter-Strike: Source français grenades  
3 SAS_SloMo Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source fun gameplay  
3 Saysounds kieranmcm .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch  
3 ss_noblock mehrdad .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch block blocking colorllision no noblock  
3 Import Fakes WhiteAvenger .Counter-Strike: Source Buy cash gambling weapon weapons  
3 SAS_ServerTools Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source admin  
3 INIClass Saul .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base class database ini parser writer  
3 rio's Team Balancer Rio .Counter-Strike: Source balance team-balance teambalancer  
3 No SpawnKill onix .Counter-Strike: Source français  
3 LostBomb JoeyT2006 .Counter-Strike: Source bomb c4 lost nearest terrorist  
3 Mani Auth Interface Schubaal .Counter-Strike: Source auth  
3 Guess The Song! ojii .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base fun music song  
3 RoundSound -- 3.1 -- TanaToS TanaToS .Counter-Strike: Source end round roundendsound roundsound sound  
3 trikz map script Th!Lo .Counter-Strike: Source flashbang flashboost jump tricks trikz  
3 SentryHack JoeyT2006 Fortress Hack Sentry Team TF2  
3 Smoke Wars *Updated 9-3-08* sicman_adrian .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 SRPG skillz92 .Counter-Strike: Source leveling rpg xp  
3 Surf Boost [v3.0] [Es 1.5+] [NEW!] PhantOm Fury .Counter-Strike: Source boost es_tools fly fun new  
3 15tracers est powered GODJonez .Half Life 2: Deathmatch effects tracers weapon  
3 Welcome / rules popup by -=BoDzSaR=- Updated bodzsar1 .Counter-Strike: Source disclaimer info information join rules welcome  
3 Fun DeathMatch deathx9 .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch respawn weapons  
3 WCS Keyconvertor77 joshtrav .Counter-Strike: Source database level python wcs:Python  
3 InstaSpawn danglies .Counter-Strike: Source fun quick respawn spawn surf  
3 Shell Shock theresthatguy .Counter-Strike: Source grenade hegrenade nades shake shellshock  
3 DO Respawn Advanced DarkOddity .Counter-Strike: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base respawn spawn  
3 Ninja theresthatguy .Counter-Strike: Source gravity invisible knife Ninja speed  
3 S admin (script admin) zSweetXz .Counter-Strike: Source admin menu  
3 Antlion grub tracker GODJonez ep2  
3 Anti-Hax u2fat4me .Counter-Strike: Source addon Counter-Strike Eventscript mod  
3 [ARCHIVE] ZM Antidote Messiah93 .Counter-Strike: Source zombie zombiemod  
3 Regeneration Jeff91 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch fun gameplay health random  
3 Chatlog ojii .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base chat database fun logging TF2  
3 Weapon's Giver Ferrari_4000 .Counter-Strike: Source chat English français weapon  
3 Uber Mario Sounds sicman_adrian sounds TF2  
3 Sons round end snake38 .Counter-Strike: Source sons  
3 paxDownload Eun .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base download download-management easy paxdownload simple TF2  
3 SimpleLasers 3R10N .Counter-Strike: Source color fun laser simple tracers  
3 TvsCT viSuaLcoderZ .Counter-Strike: Source fun gun multiple weapons  
3 BDM (BackRaw's Deathmatch) BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch dm  
3 Espions snake38 .Counter-Strike: Source espions fun mod respawn vs  
3 Superchat snake38 .Counter-Strike: Source admin chat command message  
3 Grenade Hunter A.R.T.E.M. .Counter-Strike: Source attacker bonus grenade health money victim  
3 Speed or HP BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 Server Restarter jxl180 .Counter-Strike: Source admin rcon restart  
3 Guns'n'GreNades xfalcon61 .Counter-Strike: Source Buy ggn guns menu shop xfalcon61  
3 Est_effects_py dhack .Counter-Strike: Source effects laser tracers  
3 RF_Smoke revolutionfighters .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source  
3 Player Rewards BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source player rewards  
3 GunGame5 Multi Nade Warren .Counter-Strike: Source GunGame5  
3 sic-random sicman_adrian .Counter-Strike: Source random  
3 Action Info 1.3 [Cs]Lord_Inferno2 .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 GunGame-Info (GG5) pitbull0993 .Counter-Strike: Source GunGame GunGame5  
3 Puss-N-Boots ||Wolf|| .Counter-Strike: Source model wcs wcs:Python  
3 XCN-AWP Restrict M4rc3L-XCN .Counter-Strike: Source awp restrict restricted weapon_awp  
3 ZM Slay Undead .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin hook kill slay TF2 zm zombie  
3 WCS77 Converter dhack .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 GunGame-Improvement (GG5) pitbull0993 .Counter-Strike: Source GunGame5 Improvements  
3 YetAnotherNoBlock liquid digitz .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 SIC-Head Shot Only sicman_adrian .Counter-Strike: Source headshot headshotonly hs hsonly  
3 rediesafe dhack  
3 Multimod ScriptNoob .Counter-Strike: Source bunnyhop flashboost Trickjump trikz xc  
3 One Speed DanielB .Counter-Strike: Source speed weapons  
3 Länder verbot script Tealk .Counter-Strike: Source Countri country's Länder  
3 Player Tracker Buggzie .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch helper names Player_Tracker TF2 Tracker tracking  
3 Anti-Swear Mod sonicsight .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base chat cursing swearing TF2  
3 Last Second Save [C4 defuse] Ratzee .Counter-Strike: Source last quake save second sound  
3 Psycho Quake Style Axtrix .Counter-Strike: Source psy psycho quake sounds style  
3 Bomb Buyer Ratzee .Counter-Strike: Source bomb Buy c4 menu popup  
3 give mag .Counter-Strike: Source bonus Drop français give  
3 AWP Traces maniek23 .Counter-Strike: Source awp bullet effects fun sniper tracers  
3 No Teamflash Brainsucker .Counter-Strike: Source advert autoupdate Flash flashbang teamflash  
3 Quizer craziest .Counter-Strike: Source Answers Questions quiz show  
3 Steamiser DanielB .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base codenversion Community STEAMID TF2  
3 ReDie ATAMAH .Counter-Strike: Source Ghost mb_redie  
3 Helpmenu suschi .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin command help menu TF2  
3 AntiNull Mos .Counter-Strike: Source anti bugfix null rename Script  
3 Rulesmenu .IQnuQ# ^^ .Counter-Strike: Source player rules  
3 TMNT Races (All the turtles) ||Wolf|| .Counter-Strike: Source models wcs:Python  
3 EzSurf ||Wolf|| .Counter-Strike: Source easy fun surf  
3 Szerver menü v3 Magyar változata kajla .Counter-Strike: Source alive connect hungarian kajla magyar menu ratemenu servemenu server serverinfo szabály szerver  
3 Szerver menü v2 Magyar változata kajla .Counter-Strike: Source hungarian kajla magyar menu ratemenu rules servemenu server serverinfo szabály szerver  
3 DamageDisplay Kalle Germany .Counter-Strike: Source ad advert advertisment Damage display enemy health HP hpleft hud hudhint python  
3 Custom Script Loader scaiyth .Counter-Strike: Source python  
3 SimpleMenuLib DoCky .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source l4d l4d2 module popup TF2  
3 Regeln Deutsch/English Tealk .Counter-Strike: Source Regeln rules rulesmenu  
3 Simple Cash Lottery ojii .Counter-Strike: Source cash lotterylib  
3 Status Display - See IP, ID and Rates on Join Zignixx .Counter-Strike: Source IP join rates STEAMID  
3 AntiAFK bomb dropper chameleon82 afk Counter-Strike  
3 Freezerail ragebean .Counter-Strike: Source freeze fun melt quake  
3 CS:S Alternative RPG spoonman184 .Counter-Strike: Source experience leveling rpg skills  
3 VotePlugIn LightHades .Counter-Strike: Source lighthades plugin rating vote  
3 Anti Rush Glodny .Counter-Strike: Source  
3 BanSaver Brainsucker .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin ban database save saver  
3 FileManager fault .Counter-Strike: Source autoexec cfg config configuration copy  
3 Hacks ak_47 .Counter-Strike: Source ak47  
3 Simple Download Manager .:MiB:. .Counter-Strike: Source download downloads Manage manager simple  
3 Simple Damage by MiB .:MiB:. .Counter-Strike: Source Damage fun hitgroup show weapon  
3 LongJump v1.4 by ERAZOR' 'intensityy .Counter-Strike: Source bhop ERAZOR jump jumping Long Longjump  
3 Ultimative Eventscript Maker chiller4fun CS:S ev pinky pup-board scripten  
3 CSS Apps V1 Beta PuP-Board .Counter-Strike: Source app apps CSS-Apps cssapps pup-board  
3 Mega Match/War/PCW gastonflores .Counter-Strike: Source cerrado match pcw war warmup  
3 [OB] Sici Spawn sicilia .Counter-Strike: Source AntiSpawnkill deletebody noblock respawn  
3 Door Menu by MiB .:MiB:. .Counter-Strike: Source admin door doors help menu  
3 Simple Classes by MiB .:MiB:. .Counter-Strike: Source class classes level mod races  
3 CheapPopup/CheapAdmin SuperDave .Counter-Strike: Source popup  
3 Happy New Year sega74rus .Counter-Strike: Source dark effect neweyear text  
3 Mute Sage by MiB .:MiB:. .Counter-Strike: Source deadmute immunity jailbreak mute muting  
3 Radio Spam Block tooshkan4uk .Counter-Strike: Source block config radio spam tooshkan4uk  
3 Admin de Wars (ahora con sistema de !ready) Franc1sco .Counter-Strike: Source admin configurable menu spanish wars  
3 Custom Bhop Boost (Every Player can decide his own boost) Shad0w .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch bhop boost bunny chat hop  
3 -[DeathRun]- V1.1v [HL2DM:OB] isivisi .Half Life 2: Deathmatch deathrun isivisi Nice  
3 esutils Adam .Counter-Strike: Source eventscripts libraries modules tools utilities  
3 BotReplace ShoTaXx# .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch bot cs:go idea imitation replace  
3 Boss Fight:Terrorist Leader captain master .Counter-Strike: Source boss health increase terrorist Terrorists  
3 effects_maker HOLLDIDAY .Counter-Strike: Source code create effects fx sfx  
3 Sounds by Stirni Stirni .Counter-Strike: Source RES RoundEndSounds SaySounds stirni s_sounds  
3 PoD-Profile-Finder SpeedFreak .Counter-Strike: Source Community pod profile Steam STEAMID  
3 PoD-Adverts [With many colors] SpeedFreak .Counter-Strike: Source ads adverts rules server Werbung  
3 SuperHero Source Mod NeoSan SHsource SHsourcemod Superhero SuperHeroSource SuperHeroSourceMod  
2 Ace's Defuser Match Script Pack Ace Rimmer scriptpack  
2 Ace Team Commander *Updated 15 March 2007* Ace Rimmer admin team-balance  
2 SuperVillains V3.5 <Support has come back!> SumGuy14 classes leveling mod  
2 Ace MiddleFinger: *Updated 08 September 2006* Ace Rimmer gameplay  
2 Mattie's ChatLink for Windows (Beta) Mattie messaging multi-server  
2 Ace Pending: Checks for "Pending" Steam IDs Ace Rimmer admin  
2 EinsMapCheck Einlanzers map-management server-tools  
2 How to change your 1st map automatically from de_dust Ace Rimmer  
2 ][K][0riz0n's AwayMode Script v1.3 for HL2DM [03.08.2006] k0riz0n .Half Life 2: Deathmatch afk  
2 [12/11/06] SSHOP v2.2 -Buy In One Shop- sn4k3 menu scriptpack weapons  
2 Ich Respawn ichthys .Counter-Strike: Source respawn  
2 EinsStun Einlanzers  
2 AWP in my Pocket v0.1 Don .Counter-Strike: Source gameplay weapons  
2 Ace Timeleft Ace Rimmer messaging scheduled timer  
2 hexitnow's Cash Script v0.5 hexitnow cash  
2 *Play sound when server is going to change level murpher .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base sounds  
2 [ET-MOD[Reloaded]] V0.4 Beta McFly classes gameplay leveling mod  
2 Ace Info *Updated September 27 2006* Ace Rimmer admin classes clients-db info messaging player-tracking  
2 [AddOn] - Binoculars - Current Release: V1.1 - McFly effects views  
2 AdminTracker Al3c Tr3v3lyan .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin player-tracking stats TF2  
2 MusicMod Al3c Tr3v3lyan .Counter-Strike: Source music sounds  
2 GunMenu p t a d menu weapons  
2 Losing Team Handicap gemeni admin cash player-management  
2 Undead's DeathMatch Undead .Counter-Strike: Source death deathmatch dm match undead  
2 G-Cam V2.0 Updated 8/19 - Added Grenade CAM! Don .Counter-Strike: Source effects views  
2 Chuck Norris Facts 1.2 croon fun messaging  
2 [MoD] - Remote Charges - Current release: V1.6 - McFly effects entity  
2 ScriptManager v1.5 HitThePipe .Counter-Strike: Source admin script-management server-tools  
2 Time-Based Hostname Adverts v.1.5 mIKesReVeNGe .Half Life 2: Deathmatch adverts  
2 MBFP_TheOneAndOnly v1.35 *UPDATED February 17 2007* frelle218  
2 Ace Animal Magic *Updated 03 September 2006* Ace Rimmer clients-db effects fun punishment silly  
2 D-FunSpawn Dave respawn  
2 Chase's RealismNade v1.1|Updated 10/17/06| Chase effects realism weapons  
2 Ace Command Count Ace Rimmer admin alerts chat player-management player-tracking server-tools  
2 Ace Adminlist Ace Rimmer admin clients-db info player-tracking  
2 Restocking any weapon / ammo is adjustable in the cfg block cladiron weapons  
2 D-MyGive Dave admin weapons  
2 Sourceforts: Radio bobtheorange sounds sourceforts  
2 Trivial_Addon Version 1.1 Sam cash trivia  
2 [BeTa b004] - ETmod2007 - Updated 11.19.06 McFly  
2 Fatality!! randomknifer  
2 KCSSDM V. 0.9 Beta Kuespert deathmatch  
2 Buy the Bomb! randomknifer  
2 TeamJST - Hitman Script UPDATED 18.12.06 jozzy  
2 TeamJST - Safehouse - UPDATED 05.01.07 jozzy  
2 Ace Simple Client RSC Check *UPDATED 15 March 2007* Ace Rimmer admin client messaging  
2 New War Script By Roeliekt! V1.1.2 First Release On Web! Roeliekt  
2 RCON-menu evilelmo admin rcon  
2 The Hidden: Source - Subject 619 Phaedrus  
2 Deagle only script by P3N P3N .Counter-Strike: Source gameplay weapons  
2 Clan Vs All 2.0 Soynuts  
2 JoinVoice v2.3 - Joins TeamSpeak ***UPDATED 3-22-07*** GrimReaper teamspeak  
2 StopAWPAbuse *XYZ*SaYnt .Counter-Strike: Source awp restrict weapon  
2 Per Map Weapon Quota *XYZ*SaYnt .Counter-Strike: Source restrict weapon  
2 es_webchat [Beta] Bumbi  
2 Magic 8-Ball v1.1 [updated 04/05/2007] Phaedrus fun silly  
2 crawfy_ultimate_cash Crawfy2D .Counter-Strike: Source cash fun popup rules  
2 Show Rates [NATO]Hunter .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin info TF2  
2 Enemydown Match Server Admin Plugin v.1.2a Chun admin  
2 Colour Nades [v1.1] Info about throwed grenade/flash/smoke Anubis grenades info weapons  
2 Fun Script Partystyler .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 ES_Hidden - BETA2 Public Release IS HERE!!! Grey Echo  
2 Alpha-Dogs v1.2 [updated 05/22/2007] *demo video* Phaedrus cash effects gameplay  
2 Restrictions en fonction du nbre de joueurs Nicolous .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch français  
2 [V1.0.0][Last Update: 5/02/07] SpawnPoints SumGuy14 .Counter-Strike: Source entity spawn spawnpoint  
2 MAPCYCLE en fonction du nombre de joueurs EmbouT .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source français french player-management  
2 Kap any flag with only 1 player cladiron  
2 !teleport script saRs| Johnny-5  
2 [Addon Script] Quake_inversé cbirou .Counter-Strike: Source français fun  
2 SAS Mute - for those repeat offending gobsh*&es Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source admin player-management  
2 [Addon Script] Questionnaire cbirou .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source fun  
2 JS Team-Manager jozzy .Counter-Strike: Source gameplay info player-tracking  
2 gg_knifenade_bonus GoodfellaDeal .Counter-Strike: Source bonus flashbang grenades knife  
2 ksc (Knife & Scout Counter) benny1012002 .Counter-Strike: Source counter fun kill knife scout  
2 voteban Nicolous .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source français  
2 ksc (Knife & Scout Counter) benny1012002 .Counter-Strike: Source counter fun kill knife scout  
2 Losnir mod LosNir .Counter-Strike: Source admin bomb fun sound  
2 ServerStats Lobe .Counter-Strike: Source fun stats  
2 GG Hostname Manager RideGuy .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Cookie's Popups Cookieman8 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch clan popup  
2 Ojii's Grenade Trainings Script ojii .Day of Deafeat: Source grenades Training  
2 CGA_swearfilter ridicoloEU .Counter-Strike: Source chat protection punishment swearing  
2 GhostMod TaCo .Counter-Strike: Source burrito Ghost mod Taco  
2 No middle-round spawning GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source punishment spawn  
2 SAS_EzAdmin Colster .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin  
2 Advanced BuyLevel psycho_wizrd .Counter-Strike: Source bet cash gambling gameplay GunGame  
2 SAS_KickTheBucket Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source effects gameplay  
2 CockFight 3R10N .Counter-Strike: Source chicken fun knife silly  
2 JezaDeadTalk jeza .Counter-Strike: Source admin chat dead mod talk  
2 AntiAuto catchon .Counter-Strike: Source français french restrict weapon weapons  
2 AntiAuto-Python catchon .Counter-Strike: Source français french restrict weapon weapons  
2 Bot Horde benny1012002 .Counter-Strike: Source bot fun horde kill zombie  
2 Ad-Say herzbolah .Counter-Strike: Source addon advert adverts server-tools  
2 Map list BlahBlah .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin map map-management maps menu  
2 adskin Dutch/English DJMOH09 .Counter-Strike: Source admin counter-terrorists gameplay teamplay terrorist  
2 Crazyranks 2 Teams ajurna .Counter-Strike: Source rank  
2 Script Manager WhiteAvenger .Counter-Strike: Source admin script-helper script-management uses_auth  
2 vInfection(No need for EST =] ) 3R10N .Counter-Strike: Source classes fun gameplay headshot infected knife realism zombie zombiemod  
2 sound menu DoCky .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source English français french menu sound sounds  
2 PhantOm DeathMatch [v3.0] [FIXED] PhantOm Fury .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch dm fun knife live  
2 Ojii Clantag Protector ojii .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base  
2 Universal Soccer Script chrismrulz .Counter-Strike: Source ball goalie ka_soccer ka_soccer_2006 soccer  
2 Cookie's Popups Cookieman8 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch join menu popup rules welcome  
2 Client Command Filter GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base script-helper TF2  
2 HeadHunter bobdole .Counter-Strike: Source bonus cash headshot kill kills  
2 Fade2Black JoeyT2006 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base Black fade Ghost Ghosting IP  
2 Adminprop sea212 .Counter-Strike: Source admin models  
2 SimpleDeathMatch 3R10N .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch fun gameplay kill kills menu score spawn stats streak weapon  
2 ColourTrace bobdole .Counter-Strike: Source colors effects gameplay tracers  
2 Prop Wars [Portal theme] Juba_PornBorn .Counter-Strike: Source fun Portal props wars  
2 ColourFlash bobdole .Counter-Strike: Source color colors effects flashbang personalise  
2 HKR Chief's Team Health Averaging HKRChief .Counter-Strike: Source average config health menu  
2 EveryHealth dbozan99 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source attack death health player_death score  
2 Arme Admin micmacx .Day of Deafeat: Source dod dod:s  
2 Synergy Event Manager GODJonez .Source SDK Base library synergy  
2 Location Bookmarker GODJonez .Source SDK Base synergy syn_events teleport  
2 lolo_date lolo-le-haricot .Counter-Strike: Source chat date time  
2 WeaponTrade HKRChief .Counter-Strike: Source admin grenades health tradein weapons  
2 ConandDis - Connect and Disconnect Messages Buko .Counter-Strike: Source connect disconnect eventscripts message orangebox  
2 Kills remaining GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch countdown fraglimit sounds  
2 1cy Restrict 1cy .Counter-Strike: Source forgive map-management permanent restrict weapons winnerteam  
2 [NCS] No Chat Spam Errant .Counter-Strike: Source admin anti-spam warn  
2 QuakeLog *XYZ*SaYnt .Counter-Strike: Source hlstats kills logs Psychostats quake  
2 Client & Say Command Logger ojii .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base clientcommands logs requested saycommands simple TF2  
2 Alpha Infection danglies .Counter-Strike: Source alpha bots fun infection zombie  
2 CZoom Cookieman8 .Counter-Strike: Source Cookieman8 spy surf Zoom  
2 Bomber-mod jiimbob .Counter-Strike: Source bomb bombermod gameplay jihad mod  
2 Soul Reaver Largo Usagi .Counter-Strike: Source race wcs:Python  
2 Alexander`s Shop Alexator .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch alexander Buy mod shop zombie  
2 Anti-Zoom Undead .Counter-Strike: Source anti anti-zoom noscope python scope Zoom  
2 One-Hit-Kill Undead .Counter-Strike: Source bullet death hit kill one  
2 Entity Finder GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base admin developer entity find synergy TF2 tools  
2 Custom Placenames Al3c Tr3v3lyan .Counter-Strike: Source area command location placename player-tracking  
2 Al3c's Deathmatch Al3c Tr3v3lyan .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch guns money ragdoll  
2 SlowFlash dbozan99 .Counter-Strike: Source Blind flashbang movement realism speed  
2 No Suicide Mod u2fat4me .Counter-Strike: Source addon Counter-Strike Eventscript mod nosuicide  
2 kingPING's Knife Gouranga kingpings .Counter-Strike: Source knife rank  
2 gestion_admin cbirou .Counter-Strike: Source admin français  
2 Club House theresthatguy .Counter-Strike: Source club hint membership password private  
2 Script helper script GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base script-helper TF2 utility  
2 Largos Dynamic Radio Largo Usagi .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source music radio  
2 [ARCHIVE] Show Your Health Messiah93 .Counter-Strike: Source français heath  
2 Paladin Largo Usagi .Counter-Strike: Source wcs wcs:Python  
2 WCS Python: Spy Buldozer[FR] .Counter-Strike: Source race wcs wcs:Python  
2 Pitch Black Errant .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch Blind realism TF2  
2 Regle sicilia .Counter-Strike: Source menu popup rules  
2 GlobalConfigs ojii .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base config global TF2 web  
2 votebotf Fantole .Counter-Strike: Source votebot  
2 Teleport Restrict RideGuy restrict TF2  
2 Forbids pitbull0993 .Counter-Strike: Source allow disallow forbid  
2 Anti-Flash sandking220 .Counter-Strike: Source anti-flash Flash flashbang Sandking  
2 Keep the Cycle [1.5] kobo1d .Counter-Strike: Source cycle map mapcycle mapload  
2 WCS:P Shadow Priest Schubaal .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 WCS:P Hunter Schubaal .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 SimpleDownload sandking220 .Counter-Strike: Source download Sandking simple SimpleDownload  
2 Anti Pyjamas snake38 .Counter-Strike: Source age ambiance filtrer pyjama super  
2 Mutant mod ingnislunae .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch dm fun gamemode mod mutant UT  
2 N00b Reporter jxl180 .Counter-Strike: Source admin Hosties warn  
2 aidz_deathmatch aidden .Counter-Strike: Source admin deathmatch dm  
2 Guns n Grenades Python BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Mod soccer -FR- *FUN* Matth .Counter-Strike: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin configuration fun health ka_soccer soccer  
2 GunGame5 Cheap Equip Warren .Counter-Strike: Source GunGame5  
2 Special Spawn aidden .Counter-Strike: Source armor custom health items spawn weapon  
2 Syphon ESP BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source knife syphon  
2 InfantryMod (Beta) Owned|Myself .Counter-Strike: Source classes Infantry Tank war  
2 Knife Zombie Profeta .Counter-Strike: Source Damage human increase knife zombie  
2 Anti-Drowning Undead .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base anti anti-drowning drown drowning TF2 water  
2 Zombie Health Reward Undead .Counter-Strike: Source health reward zm zombie zombiemod  
2 Learn How to Code a WCSP Race ||Wolf|| .Counter-Strike: Source tutorial wcs:Python  
2 Votemute ekudarius .Counter-Strike: Source français mute vote  
2 GEARS Dev Tools carbon-14 .Counter-Strike: Source debug developer profiler tools  
2 Splinter Cell jxl180 .Counter-Strike: Source cell gamemode map splinter stealth  
2 Command Chat jxl180 .Counter-Strike: Source chat command ct Hosties text  
2 bluenightvision dhack  
2 Bunny jump addon Sa7erXXDemon .Counter-Strike: Source antifall bunny bunnyhop bunnyjump deathmatch noblock noflash teleport  
2 Vote Slay Undead .Counter-Strike: Source select slain slay vote voteslay  
2 disable_buyzone Viper2026 .Counter-Strike: Source buyzone buyzones  
2 Unwanted Names infamous1 .Counter-Strike: Source kick UN unconnected unnamed unwantednames  
2 SIC- Bullet Time * TF2 * sicman_adrian bullet bullettime kill slow-motion TF2  
2 Legendary Gaming Death Match infamous1 .Counter-Strike: Source death deathmatch legendary lg match  
2 -teamkill. #Gr Adz .Counter-Strike: Source menu teamkill  
2 Hostie Team Balancer dhack .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Realism infamous1 .Counter-Strike: Source hegrenade infamous real realism  
2 Say Hi usernamesaretaken .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source hello hey Hi say say_hi  
2 Color Mod sonicsight .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base color colorful colors TF2  
2 Alien Vs. Predator Mod sonicsight .Counter-Strike: Source alien AvP Crysis predator  
2 Block Chat Errant .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch block chat lo3 lo3.cfg TF2 war  
2 Kick and Ban usernamesaretaken .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source ban kick lol say  
2 mani_admin_check DragonFreddo admin mani_admin_plugin  
2 Anti-Unconnected Golden-Lion .Counter-Strike: Source deutsch German Hack unconnected  
2 XIV_v2a_Bugfix Golden-Lion .Counter-Strike: Source bugfix buybug deutsch German surf_XIV_v2a  
2 Prop Remove carnage .Counter-Strike: Source prop removal remove  
2 CampPCT scottix .Counter-Strike: Source afk campers health percentage show slap  
2 F My Life sonicsight .Counter-Strike: Source funny popup wget xml  
2 Server Restart Adz file hour restart server time  
2 Tagger craziest .Counter-Strike: Source fbg personal Tag tagger tags  
2 Admin Send Message - Fr/En ekudarius .Counter-Strike: Source admin  
2 Spawnprot Absolute .Counter-Strike: Source surf-protection  
2 Teamspeak Addon ( TS3 Compatable ) derrick1123 .Counter-Strike: Source connect teamspeak  
2 votebot-2 Wundermaxe .Counter-Strike: Source bot bot-management bots vote  
2 Spawnprotect by Gabeee runamagic .Counter-Strike: Source Gabeee protect spawn Spawnprotect Spawnprotection surf  
2 NameAuth GODJonez .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base auth_provider example TF2  
2 Hurt Pulse Archivolt .Counter-Strike: Source archivolt hurt pulse simple  
2 Chucky vs Swat =HaZor= .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 killbot Wundermaxe .Counter-Strike: Source bot bots kill kills  
2 JezMap jeza .Counter-Strike: Source population  
2 EzProtect ||Wolf|| .Counter-Strike: Source easy endround EzProtect fun noblock respawn rpg rpgmod surf surf-protection tools usefull wcs zombie  
2 Easy Download ReaCtioN2oo9 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source download downloadlist downloads help helpfull  
2 LoadLR lazylion .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Snapple Meow Mix .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base snapple TF2  
2 Krieg Plugin für Jail-Server [Deutsch(GER)] AgathaKnuppelkuh .Counter-Strike: Source abwechslung fun jail knüppelkuh krieg  
2 Vision Mitchell .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch cool overlay overlays TF2 vis vision zombie  
2 Switchblade's Clan Mod switchblade .Counter-Strike: Source Customizable  
2 NightVision TheCheeTaH .Counter-Strike: Source nightvision  
2 BackRaw's SeekMe BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source hide hideandseek hiding seek seekme  
2 Simple Respawn Deathyy .Counter-Strike: Source death Deathyy respawn spawn  
2 Gabeee Deathmatch runamagic .Counter-Strike: Source deathmatch dm Gabeee Spawnprotect  
2 ArmesGiver [Fr] Dragonfly .Counter-Strike: Source arme armes chat weapon weapons  
2 SourceRPG Lottery ojii .Counter-Strike: Source fun lotterylib sourcerpg  
2 realgrenade emilplov .Counter-Strike: Source grenade  
2 AnTi LowRatesFiX *RELOADED EDTION* ATL4NT!X .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Connection Mitchell .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch connect connected connecting disconnect TF2  
2 He_sound + sound(grenade) =030=Nero .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 On 3 TheCheeTaH .Counter-Strike: Source clan lo3 practice  
2 Mad Mob Mod spoonman184 l4d2 mob  
2 RespawnBuy v2.1 Memphis-84 .Counter-Strike: Source respawn  
2 bAd (BackRaw's Adverts) BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source advert advertisment adverts  
2 BackRaw's ServerClock BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source clock serverclock time  
2 Weapon Memphis-84 .Counter-Strike: Source ak47 ct m4a1 Memphis-84 spawn  
2 BackRaw's Imitate BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source imitate imitation  
2 BackRaw's ShowPos BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source cl_showpos showpos velocity  
2 BackRaw's Assassins vs. Machines Remake BackRaw .Counter-Strike: Source assassin assassination assassins machine machines  
2 KillCalc TheCheeTaH .Counter-Strike: Source calculation deaths killcalc kills score  
2 KDlimit, limit the max. KD English / German uedi .Counter-Strike: Source KD kdlimit noob server  
2 LooneyCommands 101satoon101 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch command commands  
2 BlackMarket - Store for HL2DM pand3mic .Half Life 2: Deathmatch money store  
2 Noblock-Simplified [afy]King .Counter-Strike: Source afyclan noblock [afy]king |คƒץ|  
2 Most Destructive craziest .Counter-Strike: Source Damage destructive kills  
2 ak_scope ak_47 .Counter-Strike: Source ak47 scope  
2 Web-site ingame ak_47 .Counter-Strike: Source advert adverts ak47 vip  
2 Nade Prevent Matth .Counter-Strike: Source grenade message nades Prevent radio  
2 Hitmod DanielB .Counter-Strike: Source bounty hit Hosties jaillbreak  
2 c4score DanielB .Counter-Strike: Source basketball c4 c4score Deagle hoops  
2 Player Trails craziest .Counter-Strike: Source color player tracers Trail trails  
2 Tods Deagle only Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source addon Deagle only  
2 Tods Knife Only Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source knife only restrict tods weapon  
2 NoBlock v2.1 [MAJ : 6/16/10] Fulmine .Counter-Strike: Source noblock  
2 Tods Validater Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source announcer connect STEAMID tods validater  
2 Tods Scout giver Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source giver scout spawn  
2 Tods and Ducks no scope Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source ducks no scope scout tods  
2 Dance Off (Stand Alone Version) monday .Counter-Strike: Source dance disco fun  
2 Tods Lo3 and Gungame Restart Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source gg live lo3 restart tods  
2 Tods and Vegetas SteamId storer Tiny Tod .Counter-Strike: Source catcher exploit hacker STEAMID storer  
2 Player Connect Messages craziest .Counter-Strike: Source connect custom Customizable display message player Tag  
2 TrikZ Menu (Multimod) aeriaL .Counter-Strike: Source bhop menu Multimod trikz xc  
2 LooneyHostage 101satoon101 .Counter-Strike: Source hostage hostages  
2 Admin Respawn TheDonFather .Counter-Strike: Source admin adminrespawn cheetah respawn  
2 vAdvertisement X-=[V!oLa]=-X .Counter-Strike: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch advert advertisement easy help simple  
2 Freezemod Sulff .Counter-Strike: Source freeze freezemod glass ice quake  
2 FD - Poison Scout FD GOD™ .Counter-Strike: Source cool evil fun poison weapon  
2 UltiAssassin ultimatebuster .Counter-Strike: Source assassin assassination assassins vip  
2 UltiRank ultimatebuster .Counter-Strike: Source log rank ranking ranks ranksystem  
2 FD - Health Modifier FD GOD™ .Counter-Strike: Source addon FD health set spawn  
2 Only Unscop (Orange Box) maxounet13 .Counter-Strike: Source awp maxounet13 scout unscop x4m  
2 ShowDamage .:modye:. .Counter-Strike: Source Damage modye show-damage showdamage  
2 delayed_respawn LobsterMan .Counter-Strike: Source respawn  
2 mcolormsg Matth .Counter-Strike: Source chat color colormsg colour message  
2 Masterchief Skins Red vs. Blue philipp_547 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base blue chief master red skins  
2 Sharpshooter Mod jxl180 .Counter-Strike: Source cod deathmatch guns mode random  
2 RealBots In Portuguese No Bug Knight7 .Counter-Strike: Source admin-chat bot bots fakechat Realbots  
2 Dernière Volontée - FR miazukee .Counter-Strike: Source ba_jail dv français Hosties volontee  
2 [1Hit] KnifeZombie Python roof .Counter-Strike: Source first kill knife zombie zombiemod  
2 NATE - SHAKE |#New#| CbRRR .Counter-Strike: Source nate nate-shake shake wackeln wobble  
2 Rules Menu Shad0w admin menu popup Regeln rules  
2 Bhop Boost Menu Shad0w .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch admin bhop fun menu popup  
2 |Quick| Ads isivisi .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Source SDK Base ads easy fast quick Smart  
2 Hit Indicator Ruuubi .Counter-Strike: Source hitmarker hitmarkers hitsound hitsounds overlays  
2 Played Einlanzers .Minecraft played  
2 LnD Stats LnD .Counter-Strike: Source 1337 LnD rank score stats  
2 Gameserver-Compare Shad0w .Counter-Strike: Source  
2 Mapsize Hostname tooshkan4uk .Counter-Strike: Source hostname map mapsize size tooshkan4uk  
2 Verweigern für Jail-Server *NEU* by Jackmaster[GER] Jackmaster .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch deutsch Jackmaster jail verweigern  
2 AdmWeps captain master .Counter-Strike: Source admin weapon  
2 Welcome Text Remy611 .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch .Minecraft .Source SDK Base  
2 Doppelganger HOLLDIDAY .Counter-Strike: Source race races warcraft-source wc3 wcs  
2 Spiderman HOLLDIDAY .Counter-Strike: Source race races Warcraft warcraft-source wcs  
2 Bots like player (Realbots) CSSLinkinPark .Counter-Strike: Source bot bots like player Realbots  
2 StriderHiryu HOLLDIDAY .Counter-Strike: Source races Warcraft warcraft-source wc3 wcs  
2 More_ES_Commands v1.4.2 stas .Counter-Strike: Source commands More_ES_Commands sourcemod  
2 CoolTime Lib Freakyy .Counter-Strike: Source .Day of Deafeat: Source .Half Life 2: Deathmatch api cooltime corelib ess python  
2 Jail Regeln Deutsch/German [Works with OB!] yannicklong .Counter-Strike: Source deutsch German jail Regeln rules  
2 DreTaX's Noblock dretax14 .Counter-Strike: Source config dretax noblock  
2 Protection Spawn [Fr] sponko .Counter-Strike: Source protect protection spawn Spawnprotect Spawnprotection  
1 LastManStanding Script Pack ajax player-tracking scriptpack  
1 Roll The Dice script pack by:awuh0 awuh0 gambling scriptpack silly  
1 [Addon] Active Admins v1.7 (Updated 12-02-06) XE_ManUp admin  
1 Ace Detail v 1.92 includes "owning" display Ace Rimmer scriptpack  
1 RatesFor Script Pack Mattie menu rates  
1 Counter-Bet! Script Pack [ French translation ] toz français  
1 Ace & Skillz bot skill changer v1.0 Ace Rimmer scriptpack  
1 Spinner's surf_map script Spinner surf  
1 Import Weapons Scriptpack Largo.//npc scriptpack weapons  
1 FairGame Script Pack Mattie cash gameplay newbie team-balance  
1 Ace Invisible *Updated 04 September 2006* Ace Rimmer effects gameplay  
1 Ace Sniper Beacon & Colour Ace Rimmer scriptpack  
1 Effect Settings beta ichthys  
1 Simple Spawn Protection - UPDATED Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source punishment spawn  
1 Ultimate Admin Lite v1.1 ichthys admin info player-management  
1 Ich Restrict v1.0 ichthys restrict  
1 EinsTakingFire / EinsEnemyDown Einlanzers scriptpack  
1 Ace Counter: *Updated 10 Feb 2006* Ace Rimmer  
1 EinsSaid Einlanzers script-helper scriptpack  
1 Top Players display OPCAdmin stats  
1 Mise en arme progressive aux débuts de maps Nicolous .Counter-Strike: Source français  
1 EinsAI Einlanzers fun  
1 Polite Shutdown v1.1 **UPDATED March 31 cagemonkey admin messaging  
1 EinsAdminList Einlanzers admin scriptpack  
1 Svens Puppet Sarcasm_Poisoning admin  
1 Supers, V1, Converted *Script Addon* SumGuy14 classes effects gameplay leveling mod plugin-mani  
1 Auto Class Limits for DoD Source Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source classes  
1 TK Protection with Admin Immunity for DoD Source - UPDATED Colster .Day of Deafeat: Source admin punishment  
1 [V1.0.0][Last Update: 4/16/07] Predator SumGuy14 .Counter-Strike: Source gameplay mod shop  
1 EinsMedic Einlanzers gameplay  
1 MES by SaferFrags Pascal257 info messaging triggers  
1 <QuickStrike> Addon laderan210 gameplay mod  
1 Weapons Unlimited v2.0 1/21/07 by Don Now uses playergetset Don .Counter-Strike: Source  
1 Player Menu for an voting and partial admin when alone... neiltoe admin map-management menu  
1 Death-Match script and addon! (V2.0) zfoxhunterz deathmatch mod scriptpack  
1 Conar! Counter Strike Sonar v0.1 Don .Counter-Strike: Source gameplay sounds  
1 Ace Adverts *Updated June 4* Ace Rimmer admin info messaging  
1 [Addon] DayLauncher XE_ManUp scheduled  
1 Name Memory - v.1.12 - by Chun Chun player-tracking  
1 [19/6/06] SAC v0.7beta -script- (with control bans page) sn4k3 anti-cheat  
1 Democracy Script Pack And Addon v1.0 zfoxhunterz scriptpack voting  
1 Mod Manager S.3 Matsutake admin script-management voting  
1 [Addon] Mattie's GrenadeFest v1.0 XE_ManUp fun  
1 EinsTime Einlanzers  
1 Ace Team Sorter *Updated September 27* Ace Rimmer admin clan-management team-balance  
1 Screen Shot Mod rookie1989 fun info scriptpack triggers weapons  
1 Map Specific Models. Intelligence models  
1 Script Map surf VirusX surf  
1 [22/7/06] SWS v1.1 -addon- sn4k3 weapons  
1 [V1.0.3][Last Update:1/20/07]Sprinting SumGuy14 .Counter-Strike: Source run sprint stamina  
1 sg_hudmsg SumGuy14 script-helper  
1 [Addon Script] Goal VirusX  
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