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More_ES_Commands v1.4.2 ScreenShot

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More_ES_Commands v1.4.2 - Version 1.4.2

posted on 2012-01-31 20:46:28
by stas


Will be useful for those who write scripts for EventScripts, but does not own SourcePawn (must be installed SourceMod). It basically contains only those functions that are not available in EventScripts or performed with difficulty. [code]EVENTS: player_drop [ weapon_index, weapon_class, userid ] es_entity_output [ entity_index, output, entity_class, userid ] es_cvar_changed [ cvarname, oldvalue, newvalue ] es_entity_created [ entity_index, entity_class ] es_entity_destroyed [ entity_index ] es_start_touch [ entity_index, entity_class, userid ] COMMANDS: eSetPlayerTeam <userid> <team 1-3> eSetPlayerDeaths <userid> <value> eSetTeamScore <team 2-3> <score> eSetPlayerClanTag <userid> [tag] eSetCvarNotify <server_var> <1=yes|0=no> eGetPlayerClanTag <var> <userid> eGetTeamScore <var> <team> eGetPlayerLookIndex <userid> <var_index> [var_origin] eGetUseridFromIndex <var> <player_index> eSlapPlayer <userid> <hp> [1 = nosound] eForcePlayerDrop <userid> <weapon_index> eTerminateRound <sec> <reason 0-15> eHookEntityOutput <index|classname> <output_string> eUnHookEntityOutput <index|classname> <output_string> eRotateEntity <entity_index> <degree 1-180> eRingEffect <vec_center> <radius_start> <radius_end> <life> <width> <amplitude> \"r,g,b,a\" [speed] [model_index] [halo_index] eRespawnPlayer <userid> eGetPlayerCountry <var> <userid> eGetSmAdminFlag <var> <userid> <flag> eGetSmPluginsList eGetSmPluginStatus <var> <plugin.smx> eHookConVarChange <server_var> eUnhookConVarChange <server_var> eHideEntityFromPlayer <userid> <entity_index> <1=hide|0> eUnHideEntity <entity_index> eHookStartTouch <entity_index> eUnHookStartTouch <entity_index>[/code] More Info:


Unpack and execute RCON command "sm plugins load More_ES_Commands" or just change map

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