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Mutant mod - Version 1.6

posted on 2008-10-20 11:32:00
by ingnislunae



As in Unreal Tournament's Mutant game mode one single player is the Mutant and has some advantages.(faster movement, barely visible, more health) The Mutant is chosen by the first kill. But only when there are at least two players on the server. (He can be chosen randomly too if you want) The mutant stays the mutant until he leaves, suicides or is killed. When he is killed the killer gets the Mutant and for the other two opportunities the mutant is chosen again by the first kill.(or random... depends on what you set in the config) Though the Mutant can get in Hardmode. That depends on his KDR. Hardmode means for the Mutant being mormal with "infinite" enemies(infinite because they are respawned.. it's just like deathmatch) and getting an amount of hp for each kill. Furthermore his advantages (speed,transparency) are less good but that is also to be set in the config. Here the scripts Tags: !guns - as usual to get new guns while dm is running !hp - shows the Mutants current hp !join - as the joiners are not spawned automatically when they join while dm is running they can use this command to be spawned (spectators are able to use this command too) !getmutant - as the mutant isn't coosen automatically when a second player joins the server, a player can start a choice by this command (doesn't work when there already is a Mutant) You won't be able to join the terrorists' team but that is normal. The script will put the Mutant automatically to the other team.


The installation is as easy as everytime :) just add the following to your autoexec.cfg in the same order: es_load popup es_load mutant You can also leave "es_load mutant" out and write it manually per rcon or hlsw. Popup is necessary for the script. So be sure to load it first. I included a config file in this mod where some things can be set. It's everything explained in it. The file is to be found in the cfg folder.

Version Notes For 1.6

Updated on: 2009-04-08 17:37:48 EST by ingnislunae (View Zip Contents)
- shortened the script... there were lots of unnecessary lines. - added options for transparency and speed of Hardmode in the config - tested the script extensively (with help from R4tt3) so there sould now be no bugs anymore... :D not promised though

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