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Fake Es_tools Screenshot
by bonbon
Fake Es_tools (random :o) blackhole, rocket, getviewplayer, getviewcoord ect. mani like admin flags!

Fake Es_tools Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2008-04-13 14:01:46
Downloads: 13918

by Fantole
decof script de modification ecran joueur

[FR][Addons] Deco Fantole V2.0.2 Details Version: 2.0.2
Updated:2009-12-30 15:03:20
Downloads: 9385

Vision Screenshot
Have you ever wanted a overlay when your a human, or just in plain servers?

Vision Details Version: 0.6.3
Updated:2009-10-19 18:44:31
Downloads: 15435

Hit Indicator Screenshot
by Ruuubi
Hitmarkers + Hitsounds similar to Quake 3 / CoD. You can use different files to distinguish between normal hits and headshots (built-in hitmarkers are white for normal hits and red for headshots). Every player can set their own preferences and save them.

Hit Indicator Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2014-09-26 11:19:30
Downloads: 5342

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