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Vision - Version 0.6.3

posted on 2009-09-21 20:28:19
by Mitchell


;)°¨¨°º°¨¨°(*)(_.·´¯`·«¤°Vision°¤»·´¯`·._)(*)°¨¨°º°¨¨°;) This is ON ALL THE TIME. -No its not type !visoff to toggle off and !vison to turn on! If you are going to have a vision make sure its small And out of the way (A.K.A. in top left corner.) TO CHANGE THE VMT, GOTO THE .PY FILE OPEN IT WITH NOTEPAD AND WHERE IT SAYS "vision_vmt" ChANGE THAT TO YOUR VMT! CONFIG: vision_vmt = "effects/combine_binocoverlay.vmt" (Change to what ever material you want!) vis_aon = "no" (Change to 'yes' if you always want it on.) admin = ['STEAM_0:0:23614669', 'STEAM_ID_LAN'] People that can say -vison to make it always on, or -visoff to make it always off! Requirements: *admins *Must Be translucent *Must Be vision.vmt (unless change) *es_load vision *Fastdl, No matter what stop making me dl long files steam gamers gawsh. KNOWN ERRORS: *May disable some times (Haven't figured when and fixed some times) *May be annoying to some players Steam Info: (CONTACT) *Call me on steam: mitchdizzle_ Id be happy to take suggestions! *e-mail me if you want too!


Put in eventscripts/vision/ and then put es_load vision put admins in the config

Version Notes For 0.6.3

Updated on: 2009-10-19 18:44:31 EST by Mitchell (View Zip Contents)
Fixed some times that it might disable. Dont know it it will work Report bugs to! -Request by DuG- (Drunk University Gaming)

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