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-[DeathRun]- V1.1v [HL2DM:OB] ScreenShot

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-[DeathRun]- V1.1v [HL2DM:OB] - Version 1.1v_ob

posted on 2011-03-13 18:55:11
by isivisi


[b][u]-[DeathRun]- Plugin For HL2DM Orangebox[/u][/b] [b]Finally version 1.0!!![/b] [b]Download deathrun 2.0 alpha!:[/b] [b][url=][/url][/b] [b]If you play HL2DM W00t![/b] Play as a Rebel and run through traps to try to kill the combine or play as Combine and control the traps to stop the rebels. DeathRun comes with many cool features built in! [u][b]Features[/b][/u] noblock round system combine limit score counter/limit admin combine ban Auto Update [i]only works if you install with es_install[/i] Custom round countdowns VIP [b]NEW![/b] Sounds [b]NEW![/b] Events [b]NEW![/b] !stats [b]NEW![/b] [b][u]Chat Commands[/u][/b] To join team Combine say: C To join team Rebel say: R To spec type: S type !stats to view how long you have been playing on the server [b]if dr_stats is 1[/b] [b][u]VIP[/u][/b] VIP's get an extra 100 health on spawn and can go past combine limit! set VIP's with the [b]dr_vip[/b] variable. [u][b]Events[/b][/u] [url][/url] for full list of events and eventvars. [b][u]Console Commands[/u][/b] [i]also works in server console[/i] [b]dr_restart[/b] Restarts the current round #admin# [b]dr_combineban[/b] <name/part of name> Bans a user from being combine #admin# [b]dr_combineunban[/b] <name/part of name> Unbans a user from being combine #admin# [b]dr_setteam[/b] <name/part of name> <team> Sets players team ex. dr_setteam isi r (teams: r, s, c) #admin# [b]dr_reset[/b] Resets the scores to 0 #admin# [b]dr_forceteam[/b] <name/part of name> <team> Forces the player to join a team and also forces them to spawn even if the round has not restarted. (uses same team system as setteam (r,s,c) #admin# [b][u]Config[/u][/b] [i]es_config_db.txt[/i] [code]"config" { "default" { "save" "1" "dr_defaultteam" "3" "dr_combine_winlimit" "15" "dr_rebel_winlimit" "10" "dr_combine_limit" "3" "dr_autoupdate" "1" "dr_combine_limit_auto" "0" "dr_sounds" "1" "dr_show_hostname_score" "0" "dr_stats" "1" "configversion" "VERSION" } "admin" { "dr_admins" "STEAMID;STEAMID;STEAMID;" "dr_vip" "STEAMID;STEAMID;STEAMID;" } } [/code] [u][b]Variables[/b][/u] [b]dr_defaultteam[/b] The defualt team the plugin gives you when you first join. [b]dr_combine_winlimit[/b] The combine win limit [b]dr_rebel_winlimit[/b] the rebel win limit [b]dr_autoupdate[/b] If 1 it will allow the plugin to auto update itself when needed. (checks everytime the map is changed and you dont notice it if it updates) [b]dr_combine_limit[/b] the combine limit [b]dr_combine_limit_auto[/b] if 1 will auto set dr_combine_limit [b]dr_admins[/b] the variable for admin steamids to be stored in [b]dr_show_hostname_score[/b] if 1 adds the scores to the server name ex. " My server! [ 5R / 7C ] " and it changes! [b]dr_vip[/b] Vips get extra stuff. [b]dr_sounds[/b] is 1 will make people download extra sounds for when they die/win/loose [b]dr_stats[/b] if 1 will load the addons stats for the cmd !stats. [u][b]Custom Round Countdown![/b][/u] [i]es_custom_db.txt[/i] [code]"custom" { "begin_counter" { "0" "- BEGIN! -" "1" "- Game will start in 1 -" "2" "- Game will start in 2 -" "3" "- Game will start in 3 -" "4" "- Game will start in 4 -" "5" "- Game will start in 5 -" } "end_counter" { "0" "- Ended. -" "1" "- Game will end in 1 -" "2" "- Game will end in 2 -" "3" "- Game will end in 3 -" "4" "- Game will end in 4 -" "5" "- Game will end in 5 -" } }[/code] [i][/i][u][/u]


put 1. [b]es_install deathrunv1[/b] 2. add es_load deathrun to your autoexec.cfg 3. in your server console to install deathrun. After that goto addons/eventscripts/deathrun/es_config_db.txt and set the variables to whatever you want. The plugin must have loadef for the first time for the config to be created!

Version Notes For 1.1v_ob

Updated on: 2011-04-25 18:03:58 EST by isivisi (View Zip Contents)
1.1v_ob: - HUD scores work and stay up 100% :P

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