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[DeathRun] Version 2.5 [HL2:DM] Screenshot
by isivisi
Play deathrun on HL2DM! Combine control traps and rebels must dodge them. Built in no-block, Rounds, Score counter, Combine auto chooser and combine limiter!

[DeathRun] Version 2.5 [HL2:DM] Details Version: 2.5_1024
Updated:2012-04-03 19:00:40
Downloads: 130860

-[DeathRun]- V1.1v [HL2DM:OB] Screenshot
by isivisi
Play deathrun on HL2DM! Combine control traps and rebels must dodge them. Built in no-block, Rounds, combine ban, Score counter, events and combine limiter.

-[DeathRun]- V1.1v [HL2DM:OB] Details Version: 1.1v_ob
Updated:2011-04-25 18:03:58
Downloads: 62117

|Quick| Ads Screenshot
by isivisi
Put advertisements on your server in minutes with |Quick| ads!

|Quick| Ads Details Version: 1.02.51
Updated:2011-03-28 15:29:45
Downloads: 9939

by isivisi
BiosMod is the perfect tool for hl2dm build servers. BiosMod gives the players the ability to spawn props and npcs.

|BiosMod| v1_b Details Version: 1.0_b
Updated:2010-08-18 22:44:55
Downloads: 2738

by isivisi
|BiosMod| is a hl2dm eventscript addon for Build servers. You can spawn many different props and npcs. Biosmod also has admins commands. :D

|BiosMod| V2.01 Details Version: V2.01
Updated:2010-08-31 16:41:44
Downloads: 4580

|FP| Join Counter Screenshot
by isivisi
Collects all the times you have joined the server and displays them when you join the server.

|FP| Join Counter Details Version: 1.08
Updated:2011-01-25 11:24:00
Downloads: 6236

|| Reserved Slots || Screenshot
by isivisi
Very simple and easy to use plugin that creates reserved slots for people you choose.

|| Reserved Slots || Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-12-25 13:48:26
Downloads: 2834

|Quick| Restart Screenshot
by isivisi
Instead of reloading the whole map when you need to restart the map this uses mp_restartgame to restart the map much quicker.

|Quick| Restart Details Version: 1.00.00
Updated:2011-03-13 14:08:34
Downloads: 2744

|FP| Join Counter 2.0 Screenshot
by isivisi
This addon counts the number of joins a player has and displays them when they first join.

|FP| Join Counter 2.0 Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2011-03-21 19:50:09
Downloads: 2937

|| Reserved Slots || 1.5! Screenshot
by isivisi
add reserved slots to your server!

|| Reserved Slots || 1.5! Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2011-04-08 14:35:42
Downloads: 2780

UpSync Screenshot
by isivisi
UpSync is a plugin that you can add to your mod/plugins to add an autoupdate/update feature!

UpSync Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-07-05 12:58:23
Downloads: 2531

Chat Sounds Screenshot
by isivisi
Adds chat triggers that play sounds to everyone in the server.

Chat Sounds Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-12-03 20:04:07
Downloads: 5322

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