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|BiosMod| v1_b - Version 1.0_b

posted on 2010-08-18 22:44:55
by isivisi

Requires: Requires eventscripts 2.0 or higher


|BiosMod| Version 1.0_b BiosMod player console commands to spawn props do !<propname> ex. !blastdoor3 b_del - deletes prop b_freeze - freezes prop b_unfreeze - unfreezes prop b_npc -creates an npc ex. b_npc npc_gman b_rotate -rotates prop ex. b_rotate 90 BiosMod admin console commands b_disablebuilding - disables prop spawning b_enablebuilding - enables prop spawning b_noclip - toggles noclip b_cleanup - deletes all props on map b_refreshadmins - refreshes the admin.cfg file BiosMod player chat commands !del !freeze !unfreeze !npc !rotate for sv_cheat 1 servers change the cvar bios_cheats in config.cfg to 1


Extract to your eventscripts folder add these to your autoexec.cfg [quote]es_load bios es_load spawn[/quote]

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Updated on: 2010-08-18 22:44:55 EST by isivisi (View Zip Contents)
version 1.0_b

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