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UpSync - Version 1.0

posted on 2011-07-05 12:58:23
by isivisi


[u][b]UpSync[/b][/u] [b]YOU CAN ONLY USE UPSYNC IF YOR PLUGIN IS APPROVED AND INSTALLED WITH ES_INSTALL![/b] [b][u]What is UpSync?[/u][/b] UpSync is a .py file that you put in your addons directory (/eventscripts/URPLUGIN/upsync/ It gives your plugin the ability to autoupdate or just update with a cmd. [b][u]How do I add this to my plugin?[/u][/b] Easy! [b]Step 1[/b]: download and place it in ../eventscripts/YOURADDONFOLDER/upsync/<place it here>. [b]Step 2[/b]: change the 4 variables in the configuration section of (you can open .py files with text editors!) [code]# configurations addonName = 'addonName' addonESDM = 'addonEventscriptsDownloadManagerName' addonUpdateCmd = 'updatemyprogram' # make it unique! autoUpdateOnMapStart = True[/code] set addonName to the addons directory name in eventscript/ ex. eventscripts/lol would be 'lol' set addonESDM to the addons esdm name ex.[u]deathrunv2[/u] would be 'deathrunv2' set addonUpdateCmd to the command you want to update with ex. 'myplugin_update' you can keep autoUpdateOnMapStart to true if you want it to automaticly synchronize when the map changes. if you dont set autoUpdateOnMapStart to true you should somewere add es.server.queuecmd&#40;'YOUR UPDATE CMD'&#41; to update your plugin! [b]Step 3[/b]: add es_load YOURPLUGINNAME/upsync or es.load('YOURPLUGINNAME/upsync') to your addons load block. AND if you set autoUpdateOnMapStart to false then you should also add es.server.queuecmd&#40;'yourupdatecmd'&#41; in the load block as well (after the es_load cmd!)

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2011-07-05 12:58:23 EST by isivisi
1.0: public release!

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