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[DeathRun] Version 2.5 [HL2:DM] ScreenShot

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[DeathRun] Version 2.5 [HL2:DM] - Version 2.5_1024

posted on 2011-06-30 21:00:02
by isivisi


[b][u]-[DeathRun]- Plugin For HL2DM Orangebox[/u][/b] [b]Rewritten in Python![/b] [b]Now Deathrun is even faster![/b] Linux support! (still in testing!) [b]W00T!![/b] Play as a Rebel and run through traps to try to kill the combine or play as Combine and control the traps to stop the rebels. DeathRun comes with many cool features built in! [u][b]Features[/b][/u] noblock round system combine limit combine bans! score counter/limit admin Auto Update [i]only works if you install with es_install[/i] Auto-Combine selector [b]new![/b] [b][u]Chat Commands[/u][/b] !teams #admin# !setteam !forceteam !reset !combineban !combineunban !restart [b][u]VIP[/u][/b] VIP's get an extra 50 health on spawn and can go past combine limit! set VIP's with the [b]dr_vip[/b] variable. [b][u]Console Commands[/u][/b] [i]also works in server console[/i] [b]dr_getinfo[/b] shows all the game variables in console [b]dr_restart[/b] Restarts the current round #admin# [b]dr_setteam[/b] <name/part of name> <team> Sets players team ex. dr_setteam isi r (teams: r, s, c) #admin# [b]dr_reset[/b] Resets the scores to 0 #admin# [b]dr_forceteam[/b] <name/part of name> <team> Forces the player to join a team and also forces them to spawn even if the round has not restarted. (uses same team system as setteam (r,s,c) #admin# [u][b]Setup new admin system[/b][/u] create a file called deathrun.cfg and place it in hl2mp/cfg/ use add_admin and add_vip to add admins, vips. ex. [b]cfg/deathrun.cfg[/b] [code] // isivisi add_admin STEAMID_00000000 add_vip STEAMID_000000 // that guy add_vip STEAMID_00000000000 // other guy add_admin STEAMID_000000000000[/code] [u][b]addons/eventscripts/deathrun/deathrun.cfg[/b][/u] [code]// sets the default team for players deathrun_defaultteam 3 // autoupdates deathrun_autoupdate 1 // Limit your combines! deathrun_combinelimit 3 // Let the server limit your combines! deathrun_combinelimit_auto 0 // the server will choose a random combine if there is none deathrun_auto_combine_choose 1 // limit your wins! deathrun_rebel_winlimit 15 // limit your wins! deathrun_combine_winlimit 15 [/code]


put 1. [b]es_install deathrunv2[/b] 2. add es_load deathrun to your autoexec.cfg 3. in your server console to install deathrun. After that goto addons/eventscripts/deathrun/es_config_db.txt and set the variables to whatever you want. The plugin must have loaded for the first time for the config to be created!

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