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|BiosMod| V2.01 - Version V2.01

posted on 2010-08-31 13:25:40
by isivisi


BiosMod is a hl2dm Build server addon. v2 fixes many problems in v1 and adds some new functions and commands. V2.01 Fixed annoying problem with !picker Biosmod Commands CONSOLE b_del prop all b_npc b_freeze b_unfreeze b_refreshadmins Admin b_cleanup Admin b_noclip Admin b_disablebuilding Admin b_enablebuilding Admin b_rotate b_airboat b_guns b_pause Admin b_unpause Admin b_god b_paint colors b_relationship hate like fear +sprint -sprint CHAT !del !npc !freeze !unfreeze !rotate !airboat !guns !god !relationship


To install just place the /bios/ dir and the /spawn/ dir in your eventscripts folder for your server. Then add this to your autoexec.cfg file [code]es_load bios es_load spawn[/code]

Version Notes For V2.01

Updated on: 2010-08-31 16:41:44 EST by isivisi
Version 2.01 Fixed !picker problem

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