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|Quick| Ads - Version 1.02.51

posted on 2011-03-14 13:20:32
by isivisi


[u][b]Quickads[/b][/u] Quickads is a plugin that allows you to put advertisements in chat with one simple command. You can have as many ads as you want with quickads! [b]Command[/b] ad_add <your ad> - This adds the advertisement to the database. [b]!! Can only use this cmd in the Server Console !![/b] [b]You can even use colors![/b] [code]ad_add #green [Cool] #lightgreen Welcome to mah server![/code] [i]#lightgreen only works in C:SS. I used it for hl2dm to turn the text back to normal. [/i] [b]Edit the ads display time![/b] go into the es_quickads.txt file and look for the line: [code]es_set ad_time 30[/code] and change the number to whatever you want. [i](default is 30)[/i] [b]Delete all ads![/b] There is no command to delete all the ads so you must go into the database file "es_ads_db.txt" and change it to this: [code]"ads" { "says" { "nextad" "1" } } [/code]


go to your server console and type: [b]es_install quickads autostart[/b]. Then restart your server and use the command ad_add <advertisement> to add advertisements to your server!

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