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|FP| Join Counter 2.0 ScreenShot

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|FP| Join Counter 2.0 - Version 2.0

posted on 2011-03-21 19:50:09
by isivisi


[u][b]Join Counter 2.0[/b][/u] This addon counts the number of joins a player has and displays them when they first join. [b]Displays steamid/joins/custom user msg[/b] [i][ Steamid ] Playername has connected Number times. Custom user msg [/i] [b]Custom User msg![/b] !joinmsg <msg> to set your custom joinmsg!


type: [b]es_install joincounter autoload[/b] in your [b]server[/b] console.

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2011-03-21 19:50:09 EST by isivisi (View Zip Contents)
2.0: - added steamid shown - added custom user msg!

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