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|FP| Join Counter - Version 1.08

posted on 2010-11-29 20:46:46
by isivisi


Collects all the times you have joined the server and then displays them to everyone when you connect. -- If your updating from 1.0! -- You dont need to delete your es_stats_db.txt file! that file stores all the players joins, steamids and names.


Merge with your addons folder then put es_load stats in your autoexec.cfg and restart your server OR type es_load stats in SERVER console.

Version Notes For 1.08

Updated on: 2011-01-25 11:24:00 EST by isivisi
Changed line es_keysetvalue stats event_var(es_steamid) name server_var(es_username) to es_keysetvalue stats event_var(es_steamid) name event_var(es_username) so it saves names correctly...

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