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Fly around the map as if you have jetpacks on your back! **Updated for HL2**

[V1.0.2][Last Update: 4/16/07]Jetpack Details Version: 1.0.2
Updated:2007-08-17 00:26:30
Downloads: 1340

This Script Slows Down People When They get Flashbanged. The Stronger The Flash, The Slower The Person Moves. Once Slowed, They Slowly regain Full speed Until the flash has completely worn off.

SlowFlash Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-06-12 19:51:19
Downloads: 1133

Fun bunnyhop, that allows you to gain momentum

[V1.0.5][Last Update: 1/05/07] Bunny Hop! Details Version: 1.0.5
Updated:2007-07-11 22:56:27
Downloads: 3459

New release

Climbing Mod Details Posted: 2006-05-27 23:59:49

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