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Script Manager - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-12-16 05:41:52
by WhiteAvenger


When loading scripts from within the game, have you ever become annoyed with @ma_rcon es_load script? Or, from the console, rcon password es_load script? Forget all that! With Script Manager, you can use an in-game menu to load, reload, unload, quickload and autoload your scripts. Or you can use say commands such as [i]!script load import_fakes[/i] to easily load the script - without having to use RCON. The Script Manager also works in the console - you can set autoload or quickload within the server console, or you can list all the loaded and not loaded scripts with a command as simple as [i]script list loaded[/i]. For exact instructions, see [url=]here[/url]. Script Manager Admins can be set using either an Auth Provider or just Steam IDs in the config. [i]New:[/i] Script Manager now has plugins, sm_vote and sm_map_manager. [b]sm_vote[/b] allows you to start votes for starting/stopping or opinions on scripts, and players can start votes themselves via "Script RockTheVote" by saying "srtv" in-game. [b]sm_map_manager[/b] is an adaptation of J3ff's "Scriptsmanager" which allows you to automatically load certain scripts for certain map types. Both plugins are pre-delivered with Script Manager, but are also uploaded seperately. Newer versions of these plugins will appear in the plugins' threads.

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2008-01-09 16:39:46 EST by WhiteAvenger (View Zip Contents)
- Plugins are now available - Configuration is done using the .cfg files in the script_manager folder

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