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CGA_swearfilter - Version 2.1 (GlobalBan)

posted on 2007-09-17 12:34:55
by ridicoloEU



[b]It is a remake of ich_swearfilter (thx to ichthys)[/b] [b]Requirements: [/b] ES_Tools Eventscripts [i](for fully use SPRAY tracking you need Mani or somehting)[/i] [b]SWEARFILTER:[/b] It controlls the CHAT, warns and bans. BANs are stored in a datafile for 14 days after ban-expiration. You can set the duration of BANs in 9 steps (every next time the ban is longer). You can set the number of warnings, too. [b]NICK - filter[/b] The NICKs are undergoing the swearfilter, too. In older versions players with offensive nicks are forced to spec, which gives them time to change the nick. After a number of rounds / warnings they are kicked and banned (in 9 steps as above). [b]Starting with version 1.2 they are only asked to change the nick, all the rounds.[/b] [b]SPRAY - filter[/b] Admin (you can set as many of them as you like in config) has still to evaluate a SPRAY as a rule-breaking. Then there is an admin command: [b]banspray partname[/b] which controls the name of the spray used by the player and stores it in datafile along with player-nick, steamid, admin-nick... The first time it does not BAN, it only forces SPEC as long as the player uses the same file as SPRAY. He have to go to OPTIONS and change the spray before he can join a team (and to use spray, you have to be alive - so i thing there is no need of ban them the first time). They are warned all the times when they try to join a team (or re-join the server), and the track is hold on them for the time set as the most high ban (step9). They have to read the warning to understand the reason they can not join a team... and so they know, that this is the last chance for them to stop nasty sprays. If the same player in next 3 months (step 9 as default is set to 10 weeks + 2 weeks after each ban-expiration the track is stored) get caught the second time by using another nasty spray, they will be banned (admin only needs to use the same command and the script know what to do.) [b]WARNING for rule-breaker[/b] Each player of whom exists a track in datafile will get, after joining, a HTM warning in MOTD window (few seconds after first spawn). You can set your own URL with warning page. In the top of the window is indicated the time of the next BAN. [b]CAN A RULE-BREAKER return clean?[/b] After each 100 rounds without being BANNED the ban status make a step back until it erases the track of a player. It is useful for [b]Few ADMIN commands:[/b] [b]banspray[/b] - bans the spray of named user [b]status[/b] - tells to the admin if the player has a track on himself. [b]clean[/b] - erases track of the player [b]cgaban[/b] - a manual choice to insert a track and ban player (then not all steps are used - only steps 3 - 5 - 8 - 9 (so it is supposed to be more severe than the script itself)) [b][i]All commands are to be used with a part of the name of player.[/i][/b]

Version Notes For 2.1 (GlobalBan)

Updated on: 2008-09-15 12:03:02 EST by ridicoloEU (View Zip Contents)
Fixed the GlobalBan support (the reported bug with 0 instead of a name on the web interface of globalban by manual banning) Added the choice to change CGABAN and BANSPRAY commands to anonymous mode. (default)

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