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Anti_spawn_kill - Version 4.0

posted on 2007-07-16 01:11:55
by cbirou

Tags: css spawn


Rather classic script of anti_spawn_kill the difference it is the maniere with which is treated Fire in the respawn.(That it is well French :d) thus 6 different punishments applied randomly -freez during 2 seconds and slap 4 times during this period, which makes it possible to make a very pretty jump^^ -slap four times and 50 HP in less. -the player donot can run any more -doped and marked out. -marked out and 60 HP in less. -doped in kind, one plays almost has the Russian roulette what is enough fun ^^ The possibility of passing script in passive MOD The possibility of passing script in malicious MOD (slay car) for the configuration of script: Open the file "anti_spawn_kill.txt" and edit your SteamID es_xsetinfo admin_ask "STEAM_0:0:2059170" In the games , press "askadmin" , the windows is create with options of the script ! Please make on REBOOT after install the script !!

Version Notes For 4.0

Updated on: 2007-09-16 03:52:08 EST by cbirou (View Zip Contents)
update for remove bug ! New menu with more options

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