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NameAuth - Version 1.1

posted on 2009-08-19 10:09:48
by GODJonez


Set the server variable "nameauth_admins" to contain the names of people who are administrators on the server after loading the addon. The names are to be separated by semicolon (;). For example this in your autoexec.cfg: [code]es_load nameauth nameauth_admins "GODJonez;you" [/code] Note that the name checking is case-sensitive.


Download the zip and extract, or use "es_install nameauth" in the server console. Then edit autoexec.cfg to load and set up the addon. Remember to load the auth provider before loading any other scripts that use auth service. And remember that you can only have one auth provider loaded at any given time (for example you cannot load both basic_auth and nameauth, only one of them)

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-09-08 04:09:36 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
Fixed TypeError on __init__

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