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BBank Screenshot
by bonbon
A re-write of the origional bank by I don't know who with lots more features! (5+)

BBank Details Version: 2.0.6d
Updated:2010-05-04 21:04:46
Downloads: 154690

Allows a player to store their money in a virtual bank

ba_bank Details Version: 2.5.6 BETA
Updated:2008-04-13 08:55:39
Downloads: 29284

GiveCash Screenshot
Ce script permet de donner de l'argent à tous les joueurs en début de round.

GiveCash Details Version: v4.20
Updated:2011-06-30 11:32:40
Downloads: 34430

No_CashLimit Screenshot
by sea212
Do you find the 16.000$ limit sick? Do you wanna have more than 16.000$? no problem, this addon stops the 16.000$ limit

No_CashLimit Details Version: 1.2b
Updated:2009-02-27 10:38:16
Downloads: 20729

Changes the money and score received for certain actions. Requires only ES 2.0+

NewRewards Details Version: 4
Updated:2007-10-29 07:11:45
Downloads: 4965

A Betting Script With TONS of Options!!!

XE_Bet v2.4 (Updated 05-28-2006) Details Posted: 2006-02-15 17:40:55

Allows players to swap money, score, position, or team with their victims. Requires only ES 2.0+

SwapWithVictim Details Version: 4
Updated:2007-10-29 06:59:19
Downloads: 4625

by Mattie
Killer steals the victim's money when killing with a knife 'test' "test"

MugMod by Mattie Details Version: V0.71
Updated:2007-07-13 13:40:50
Downloads: -999989054

by bonbon
A mod that shows all health (if you have more than 500) good for RPG styled games where you don't have to buy stuff

showhealth Details Version: 2.3
Updated:2008-07-17 00:33:55
Downloads: 8292

by Jeff91
Gives you somthing to spend your extra money on in CSS.

CSS Items Mod Details Version: Finished
Updated:2007-12-25 03:05:30
Downloads: 5453

by Guldort
Script permettant d'acheter certains bonus

Ammo Details Version: v2.1
Updated:2010-08-22 13:46:24
Downloads: 25917

SetCash Screenshot
This script sets the cash of all players every round to the given amount

SetCash Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2009-06-22 18:37:55
Downloads: 11916

by Don
Shows which opponent is richest. Helper for Mugmod

Show Me The Money! by Don - Tells you who to Mug! Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2007-07-13 19:07:37
Downloads: 2530

by Ayuto
This addon allows you to buy weapons from a popup. Additionally, it allows you to sell the weapons you own.

WeaponShop Details Version: 1.0.2
Updated:2012-01-22 13:39:24
Downloads: 5672

by ajax
Bet for the team you think will win. Dead players can wager each round.

Counter-Bet! Script Pack Details Posted: 2005-06-21 23:30:38

A powerful new bet mod with all the usual stuff plus lots of cool and unique new options. Fair-Bet features multiple bets, silent bets, last man standing, bet correction, and much more. Compatible with cash mods, including automatic deposits into ba_bank!

Fair-Bet v1.6 [updated 06/01/2007] Details Posted: 2007-04-24 01:34:42

Extensive Give Screenshot
by Adz
Easily give: Cash/Health/Items/Weapons via a command or via a menu [Optimised Code]

Extensive Give Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-06-22 12:19:34
Downloads: 6947

16k Start Screenshot
by Deathyy
When a player spawns they start with 16k cash.

16k Start Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2010-04-11 12:22:16
Downloads: 7759

ZombieMod BuyMenu Screenshot
by dan0000
Allows alive humans to buy any weapon, anytime, anywhere

ZombieMod BuyMenu Details Version: 3.0
Updated:2009-09-15 04:14:30
Downloads: 15902

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