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CSS Items Mod - Version Finished

posted on 2007-08-20 12:31:36
by Jeff91



This is a very simple addon I wrote in my spare time to help myself learn some of the ES/EST commands that I could use in scripting very simple mod that allows a user to put !shop in chat to buy power ups that stay with the player until the player dies. I am attaching 2 versions one that uses es popup and another that uses ma_msay for all the menus. popup runs much faster Smile The following is needed to run this mod for anyone interested: ES 1.5 ESTools .416 Anyone who runs into any trouble with anything post about it and I will take a look at it. ~J3ff

Version Notes For Finished

Updated on: 2007-12-25 03:05:30 EST by Jeff91
As of 12/25/07 this works fully and no longer requires mani to run anything at all. ~J3ff

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