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World of Darkness Screenshot
by Jeff91
Creates a World of Darkness style RPG Mod for CSS

World of Darkness Details Version: Final
Updated:2008-12-10 21:48:02
Downloads: 54708

by Jeff91
Gives you somthing to spend your extra money on in CSS.

CSS Items Mod Details Version: Finished
Updated:2007-12-25 03:05:30
Downloads: 5147

by TaCo
Attack the opponent and gain health.

Vampire Mod Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2007-09-16 20:22:39
Downloads: 4005

by Dav1d
the attacker gets X% health of the done damage and if someone gets killed the attacker gets extra health and with

vamphealth Details Version: 0.8
Updated:2010-01-18 11:37:14
Downloads: 3956

Vampire Grenades Screenshot
When a player hits someone with a nade part of the damage he dealt is added to his health.

Vampire Grenades Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-01-16 18:00:19
Downloads: 2607

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