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vamphealth - Version 0.8

posted on 2010-01-09 12:38:25
by Dav1d


The attacker gets X% health of the done damage and if someone gets killed the attacker gets extra health another Feauture is the built in "showdamge", if you make damage it is shown to you how much damage you made


[list][1]extract the zipfile into your cstrike directory [2]add to your autoexec.cfg, es_load vamphealth[/list]

Version Notes For 0.8

Updated on: 2010-01-18 11:37:14 EST by Dav1d (View Zip Contents)
If a player had less then 100hp and a new round starts he got the hp (less then 100), now player gets 100hp if he has less then 100hp

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