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World of Darkness - Version Final

posted on 2007-12-20 16:37:43
by Jeff91



Takes the table top role playing game World of Darkness( and and turns it into a server side Role Playing Mod. Each player can create a number of different characters to play as, mod works fully on both internet and lan play! Enjoy, Feed Back is always welcome, ~J3ff


Run [syntax="es"]es_xinstall worldofdarkness 1[/syntax] in your server console.

Version Notes For Final

Updated on: 2008-12-10 21:48:02 EST by Jeff91 (View Zip Contents)
This version is a full and total rewrite of the script, I rebalanced most of the powers and even changed a few. Character creation has been 100% revamped is now much more "n00b" friendly, how ever all the old commands still work for players as well.

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