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No_CashLimit - Version 1.2b

posted on 2009-02-19 06:55:46
by sea212


With this mod you can stop the CS:S 16.000$ limit. Because the cash is defined as an usigned short, you can only show @ the cash field 65535$ but i made a hudhint that'll tell you if you have more than 65k and how much.


How to install: 1.) open you ftp client and connect to your server 2.) open all folder until youre in [b]cstrike[/b] 3.) now just upload the unpacked folders 4.) go to [b]cstrike/cfg[/b] and open autoexec.cfg 5.) write the following code on the bottom of your autoexec.cfg: [code]es_xload no_cashlimit[/code] 6.) if you wanna load this mod directly, join your server and write the following code into your console [code]rcon_password YOUR_RCON_PASSWORD; rcon es_load no_cashlimit[/code] 7.) you're done! enjoy

Version Notes For 1.2b

Updated on: 2009-02-27 10:38:16 EST by sea212 (View Zip Contents)
1.0b: First release 1.1b: Fixed some small bugs 1.2b: Fixed alot of [b][color=red]CRITICAL[/b][/color] bugs, an update is [b][color=red]highly[/color][/b] recommended.

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