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No_CashLimit Screenshot
by sea212
Do you find the 16.000$ limit sick? Do you wanna have more than 16.000$? no problem, this addon stops the 16.000$ limit

No_CashLimit Details Version: 1.2b
Updated:2009-02-27 10:38:16
Downloads: 20981

by stabby
Extension for ZombieMod 2.0, provides new gameplay features, admin functionality and anti noob mods.

zm_tools3 Details Version: 3.6a
Updated:2010-02-25 12:20:39
Downloads: 42888

Script pour limitation de team

LimitTeam Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2010-06-20 09:34:25
Downloads: 8413

by Fantole
Limite l'utilisation de certaines armes selon le Ratio du joueur

ratio_limite Details Version: 1.0.2
Updated:2011-03-31 17:28:38
Downloads: 5454

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