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zm_tools3 - Version 3.6a

posted on 2009-11-07 02:09:43
by stabby



[img][/img] This script is designed to be the only script you will need for your zombiemod server and provides loads of features ranging from new gameplay features and new weapons to special admin commmands/menus & anti noob functions. [b]Each individual feature can be turned on/off via the config file or console commands[/b]and all are fully configurable. [b][color=#ff3419][size=25]Features:[/size][/color][/b] [b][color=#ff3419][size=18]General/Gameplay:[/size][/color][/b] - [b]Poison Smokegrenades[/b] with colored smoke and optional occasionally thrown grenades are a dud. - [b]Napalm Grenades[/b] which will burn/slowdown zombies. - [b]Flashbang grenades[/b] which will only blind zombies with new effect. - Turn a weapon into a [b]grenade launcher[/b] - Turn a pistol into a [b]tazergun.[/b] - Dissolve weapons upon death. - Dissolve bodies upon death. - Blood HUD effect when zombies are shot. - Show health of zombies in HUD upon being hurt. - Show damage done to enemies in HUD. - Give CT random skins on spawn. - Give VIP players a special skin. - M249 mode, give one random player at roundstart the m249 (overrides zm_tools weapon restriction). - Show at end of round the amount of rounds won by zombies/humans. - Weapon restriction system. - Noblock mode. - Voice on your server can be automatically disabled depending on playercount. - Weapons menu. - Rage mode which speeds up dying zombies and gives them a jump boost. [b][color=#ff3419][size=18]Anti Noob Mods:[/size][/color][/b] - [b]Antisuicide[/b]: Punish suiciding zombies by freeze upon respawn. - [b]Antiretry[/b]: Give players a ban when reconnecting too often on a map. - [b]Antiblock[/b]: lets players type !noblock in chat and aim at a teammate and press 1 to unblock them for a short time. - [b]Anti Edger[/b]: If a player is zombified and nearby other CT's he gets teleported near a random zombie. - [b]Anti Barricade destroy[/b]: enables barricades to be protected against grenade damage. Also !cade menu where players can lock/unlock props against bulletdamage of cadedestroyers. - [b]Anti spectator[/b]: blocks out SPECTATE client command players use to move to spectator when zombie is nearby. - [b]Anti Noob Zombie[/b]: if after X seconds the first zombie hasnt killed anyone a random player is zombified and teleported near the original zombie. [b][color=#ff3419][size=18]Support commands:[/size][/color][/b] - [b]Ammo[/b]: Humans can type !ammo to receive ammo (amount of times allowed + ammo amount configurable) - [b]Zombify[/b] Menu for admins:[list][*]Zombify target: zombifies the current spectator target or the player the user is looking at [*]Zombify Random player: gets a random CT , zombifies him and teleports him near a random zombie) [*]Zombify me: makes the user a zombie.[/list] - [b]Zstuck[/b]: Totally new !zstuck which is far more effective in unstucking players. - [b]Panic[/b]: allows players to, scream, drop their weapons and run faster for a short while. - [b]Zhealth[/b]: shows the zombies current HP - [b]Invisibility[/b]: Allows zombies to turn transparent for a short amount of time. - [b]Weapons menu[/b]: Allows players to receive weapons, configurable to be used by players or admins only. - [b]Teleme[/b]: allows humans to teleport to a friend (if they are not too close to a zombie ofc) - [b]Supplies[/b]: allows admins to spawn a pile of items - [b]Admin say commands.[/b][list] [*] [b]@spawn[/b] - forcibly spawns a player [*] [b]@zombie[/b] - turn a player into a zombie. [*] [b]@disarm[/b] - strips a player of all his weapons except knife [*] [b]@kill[/b] - Kills a player. [*] [b]@slow[/b] - slows a player down. [*] [b]@teleme[/b] - teleports admin to a player. [*] [b]@tele[/b] - teleports a player to an admin. [*] [b]@unblock[/b] - unblocks a player. [/list] [color=#ff3419][b]Respawn:[/b][/color] - New configurable respawn protection modes. - Alternative respawn modes where players can choose when being zombified whether to stay on the zombie team or human, or force all zombified players back to the human team. [color=#ff3419][b]HostageDown:[/b][/color] - Spawn hostages zombies can use as medkits via an admin menu or automatically near random players. Thanks to: Einlanzers, ADZ, 101Satoon, S-low, Spunkster21, TheTwistedPanda, Mattie, Ratzee. Smoke grenade effect models by S-low [b][url]Http://[/url][/b] [url=] [img][/img][/url] If you enjoy this script please consider making a small donation via paypal to [b][/b] to keep our zombieserver alive. Come test it on: [url=][img][/img][/url] [b][url=steam://connect/]Click here to connect.[/b][/url]


Unrar contents of archive to your server's cstrike directory and copy it to your download mirror if necessary. - add to your autoexec.cfg: es_load zm_tools3 - configure zm_tools via cfg/zm_tools3/settings.cfg [b][color=#BF0000]NOTE: ESTOOLS 0.418+ is optional, and is only required for the following features:[/b][/color] - Weapon Dissolver - Smoke grenade / teleport visual effects - Grenadelauncher - Tazer - Weapon remover - Admin respawn command - Point and noblock menu - Barricade protector menu

Version Notes For 3.6a

Updated on: 2010-02-25 12:20:39 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
3.6-3.6a - Improved teleport method. - Fixed bug with anti noob zombie mod. Update 3.5g-3.6 - Recoded entire script for performance, removed the need for ESTOOLS as much as possible. - Improved rage feature. - New improved teleme (players can select target from a menu) - HostageDown now has an option for time delayed random hostage spawn. - Removed obsolete/unstable features: - zm_nuke - CT_anti_world - zm_prop_fix - zm_prop_damageable - zm_infectcloud

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