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by Lobe
Prevents User Clipping/Blocking/Collisions: Designed for Surfing or Portals

Noblock:Source Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2007-09-22 14:34:23
Downloads: 58064

DanielB's Deathmatch Screenshot
by DanielB
DeathMatch With lots of extras, compatible with EST,SPE and NT

DanielB's Deathmatch Details Version: 2.2.1
Updated:2010-10-03 03:33:34
Downloads: 45366

by 3R10N
A simple recreation of Noblock:Source

SimpleNoblock Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-11-10 18:19:41
Downloads: 15342

by stabby
Extension for ZombieMod 2.0, provides new gameplay features, admin functionality and anti noob mods.

zm_tools3 Details Version: 3.6a
Updated:2010-02-25 12:20:39
Downloads: 42072

Noblock Screenshot
by qwern
Gives noblock to all players on spawn.

Noblock Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-06-18 06:09:07
Downloads: 14080

[ST]Surf Tools 1.4*updated* Screenshot
SurfTools script with many features

[ST]Surf Tools 1.4*updated* Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2010-04-12 15:20:22
Downloads: 14936

by BackRaw
team-only no-block using NativeTools (without lag!)

BackRaw's NoBlock - TeamOnly (Windows only) Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-12-06 15:26:26
Downloads: 10204

Block / Noblock Screenshot
by Homie
ENG: A script, that makes player blocking by typing !block in chat, and makes them not blocking by typing !noblock in chat. --- Für Deutsche Beschreibung Addon Link öffnen

Block / Noblock Details Version: v1.2
Updated:2009-06-14 07:30:04
Downloads: 5083

by sinik44
Noblock ou l'on peut modifier plusieurs fonctions : Durée du noblock au début du round, Durée de la fonction "!block", Nombre d'utilisation de la fonction "!block", Map utilisant le script -> Ex : "cs_"

[OB] Si-NoBlock Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-11-28 13:19:53
Downloads: 8035

by mehrdad
A very customized no collision/blocking script!

ss_noblock Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2007-09-10 16:13:40
Downloads: 5928

[OB] Sici Spawn Screenshot
by sicilia
Plugin destiner à la base pour du rpg, mais inclut autorespawn, antispawnkill, noblock et de suppression des corps.

[OB] Sici Spawn Details Version: 1.1 p2
Updated:2011-04-27 10:26:28
Downloads: 14380

Bunny jump addon Screenshot
a simpl addon for buuny jump's server with noblock and it can save your location to teleport and more ..

Bunny jump addon Details Version: 2
Updated:2009-02-19 08:38:21
Downloads: 10569

Spawn Protect, Respawn, NoBlock, End Round (Configurable)

EzProtect Details Version: 2.2
Updated:2009-09-06 16:39:27
Downloads: 10542

Noblock-Simplified Screenshot

Noblock-Simplified Details Version: V1.1
Updated:2010-03-10 06:45:54
Downloads: 7198

NoBlock v2.1  [MAJ : 6/16/10] Screenshot
by Fulmine
New version improved of NoBlock

NoBlock v2.1  [MAJ : 6/16/10] Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2010-06-16 15:24:55
Downloads: 7106

A working noblock in Python ;)

DreTaX's Noblock Details Version: 1.3 (Python)
Updated:2012-11-19 12:21:24
Downloads: 7163

by Mos
Spawnprotection. You can only knife players within the spawnprotectiontime. If you use another weapon, you will be killed by the one you attacked

KnifeOnly Spawnprotection Details Version: 2.02
Updated:2010-12-01 15:45:42
Downloads: 26065

!Noblock Screenshot
by Staun
This Addon allow people on your server to type !noblock to get noblock in 10 second (customizeable)

!Noblock Details Version: 1.3.1
Updated:2011-05-26 10:00:45
Downloads: 10020

by Ges
Classic NoBlock, what makes your character Unsolid. Blocking is also supported.

Ges's Noblock Details Version: 1.0.0
Updated:2012-09-21 14:56:12
Downloads: 2467

DaVe´s Noblock

noblock Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-04-30 19:29:05
Downloads: 11045

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