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Noblock-Simplified - Version V1.1

posted on 2010-03-09 20:46:15
by [afy]King


All you have to do is unzip the folder, paste in eventscripts folder [located in cstrike->addons->eventscripts], and last but not least put es_load noblock in your autoexec.cfg file. Restart your server, and your good to go with the most simplest, add free noblock out there. Remember please give comments if glitchy, and do not edit file unless you know what you are doing. +w00t me and give feed back ;P And visit my site [Download section] for scrim maps if needed or eventscripts2.0. [url][/url]


Unzip Paste in eventscripts folder[located in cstrike->addons->eventscripts] Add es_load noblock to autoexec.cfg Restart server and have fun :D

Version Notes For V1.1

Updated on: 2010-03-10 06:45:54 EST by [afy]King (View Zip Contents)
**Updating** no adverts in game

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