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DanielB's Deathmatch - Version 2.2.1

posted on 2009-10-15 02:10:03
by DanielB


Features: [list] [*]4 included respawn types: [list] [*]Simple Timed (per-player delay) [*]Revive (Kill an enemy, revive a teammate) [*]Wave (Respawns all dead every x seconds) [*]Wave2 (Each time has its own non-syncronous wave) [/list] [*]Compatible with SPE or NT without any configuration, although these are not needed in most cases :) [*]Extendable - Can use addons, many are included [list] [*] Admin Module, using saycommand [b]!dmadmin[/b] [*]RedRover [*]Head Shot Only [*]Weapon Remover [*]easyspawn [*]Spawnpoints2 [beta] [*]Free For All (ffa) [beta] [*]guns [*]cssdmguns [*]easyspawn [*]dissolve [*]hitgroups [*] [b]and more![/b] [/list] [*]Spawn Protection [*]Dissolver/Ragdoll remover [*]Removes Dropped weapons [*]Kills objectives [bomb/hostages] [*]Disable Buyzones [*]Full guns menu [*]No Block [*]DM-compatible team balancer [*] [b] ALL CONFIGURABLE [/b] [*] [b]Scripter Interface![/b] Allowing for custom addons! See dm/addons/documentation.txt for more info! [/list] After installing and loading once, a settings.cfg will appear in the dm folder. You can adjust your settings in this file. DM-Addons can be loaded in the addons.txt in the dm folder. Lines starting with "//" are ignored, and will not be loaded. DM-Addons exist within the dm/addons folder An example addons.txt which loads the dissolver and admin module [code] admin dissolve [/code] [b][size=100]NEW EASYSPAWN[/size][/b] Easyspawn provides a quick and easy method of setting up spawn points, simply say "!spawnpoint" and follow the prompts in the menu that appears. YOu can add new spawnpoints, teleport to spawnpoints and delete spawnpoints. To use, add [b]easyspawn[/b] to a newline in [b]dm/addons.txt[/b] If no spawnpoints are defined for a map, default spawnpoints are used. [b]Note for using spawnpoints2[/b] Spawnpoints requires some setup prior to using. [b]spawnpoints2 is for advanced users. Basic users may wish to use easyspawn[/b] If you are using an auth service, you will need access to dm_admin, if you are not you will have to add your steamid to the adminlist in settings.cfg To create a spawnpoint, simply stand in the desired location and look in an appropriate direction. Then say "!spawnpoint type team", and the spawn point will be created. type must be either [list] [*][b]i[/b] : Initial - Players will spawn at these points when the round starts [*][b]d[/b] : During - Players will spawn at these points during the round, after respawning [/list] Team can be any of the following [list] [*][b]#t[/b] : Terrorist only spawnpoint [*][b]#ct[/b] : Counter-Terrort only spawnpoint [*][b]#all[/b] : Anyone can spawn here [/list] Using custom spawn points will remove all default spawn points. I suggest you have at least one spawn point for each slot on your server. (This does not apply if you have not created any spawn points on that map, if no custom spawn points exist, then default points will be used) At the moment no spawn points are included. If you would like to contribute some, please post them in this addons thread. :D Addons with ideas drawn from: RedRover by 7355608 : SIC-DeathMatch by Sicman_adrian : Reinforcement Waves by Warren :


[url=]Detailed Installation and Configuration Video[/url] Extract to cstrike add es_load dm to autoexec restart server +w00t :D

Version Notes For 2.2.1

Updated on: 2010-10-03 03:33:34 EST by DanielB (View Zip Contents)
Added sub-addon endgame to allow for ending the map by mp_fraglimit, mp_timelimit or both

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