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NoBlock v2.1  [MAJ : 6/16/10] ScreenShot

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NoBlock v2.1 [MAJ : 6/16/10] - Version 2.0

posted on 2010-06-07 12:46:13
by Fulmine

Tags: css noblock


[color=blue]Version of Noblock with a command for enable block for a time defined in a cfg files[/color] Command : '!block' Sorry if my english is bad


[color=red]Put folder on eventscripts folder[/color] [list] [*][color=red]Put folder on eventscripts folder[/color] [*][color=red]Put es_load noblock on autoexec.cfg[/color] [*][color=red]If you want to change the time of nosolid edit cfg file on noblock folder after the first load[/color] [/list]

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2010-06-16 15:24:55 EST by Fulmine (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*][color=red][F] Fixed a bug message[/color] [*][color=blue][+] Command "!block" add[/color] [*][color=blue][+] Ability to change the time of nosolid directly into a config file[/color] [/list]

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