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by stabby
Extension for ZombieMod 2.0, provides new gameplay features, admin functionality and anti noob mods.

zm_tools3 Details Version: 3.6a
Updated:2010-02-25 12:20:39
Downloads: 39016

AntiKill Screenshot
When a player suicides or dies by fall damage, the last person who damaged them gets the kill

AntiKill Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-07-05 19:59:36
Downloads: 3390

A Suicide addon very Simple

Selfkill Details Version: 1.0 Alpha
Updated:2009-04-25 12:23:50
Downloads: 2525

c4menu Screenshot
by stabby
Players can buy and plant remote detonated C4 bombs through popup menus. easily configurable for different mods/gametypes.

c4menu Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2010-02-28 07:15:19
Downloads: 13345

ng_suizid Ist ein simples addon womit man sich ohne die ingame console mit dem chat befehl !kill selbst töten kann BENÖTIGT ES_TOOLS ersatz !

ng_suizid !kill Details Version: v1.1
Updated:2012-07-27 15:15:18
Downloads: 2228

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