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Very cool mod that realistically enhances CS:S!

[V1.0.5b][Last Update: 4/3/07] Realism Mod Details Version: 1.0.5b
Updated:2007-07-11 22:53:30
Downloads: 6045

No_CashLimit Screenshot
by sea212
Do you find the 16.000$ limit sick? Do you wanna have more than 16.000$? no problem, this addon stops the 16.000$ limit

No_CashLimit Details Version: 1.2b
Updated:2009-02-27 10:38:16
Downloads: 21244

Makes players lose health and emit blood as well as a pain sound every few seconds after being hurt. Requires only ES

CheapBleed Details Version: 7
Updated:2008-09-14 21:19:48
Downloads: 10153

Provides bullet whizz sounds. Requires only ES

CheapBulletWhizz Details Version: 2
Updated:2008-09-15 02:03:44
Downloads: 6174

by Jeff91
Hitmods, Custom Grenade menu, and Per Weapon Rankings

J3ff's CSS Pluggin Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-07-09 14:43:42
Downloads: 39312

Allows players to shoot peoples grenades causing them to explode

[V1.0.2][Last Update: 9/14/06]Shoot The Nade! Details Version: 1.0.2
Updated:2007-07-11 22:57:46
Downloads: 3560

Adrenaline Screenshot
by Jeff91
Player's all have Adrenaline counters that give the certain benifits.

Adrenaline Details Version: .73
Updated:2009-09-09 01:05:33
Downloads: 8782

by Chase
Realistic Nade Effects [Burn or Crisp]

Chase's RealismNade v1.1|Updated 10/17/06| Details Posted: 2006-09-21 01:26:12

by 3R10N
The most realistic zombie script =]

vInfection(No need for EST =] ) Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2007-12-26 15:07:08
Downloads: 8317

This Script Slows Down People When They get Flashbanged. The Stronger The Flash, The Slower The Person Moves. Once Slowed, They Slowly regain Full speed Until the flash has completely worn off.

SlowFlash Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-06-12 19:51:19
Downloads: 3131

Pitch Black Screenshot
by Errant
Blind all dead or spectating players for more realism

Pitch Black Details Version: 1.0.1
Updated:2009-04-24 11:31:00
Downloads: 4779

Realism Screenshot
Led by: infamous1
Collaborators: iSebastian
Realism is a script to help cs:s seem more real.

Realism Details Version: v1.0.3
Updated:2009-03-08 18:55:57
Downloads: 3797

make the game errie,dark,and silent

Stealth Details Version: 1.0.3
Updated:2007-08-12 13:31:48
Downloads: 6775

by Fugi91
Realismus Mod / Realism Mod

Realismus [DE/EN] Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2017-11-20 04:08:20
Downloads: 14991

by Vaatrad
Ever wished when you shot someone that they'd have a little difficulty shooting back? A script pack that makes you flinch when you get injured.

Vaa_Ality Flinch Mod 1.0 Details Posted: 2006-04-26 07:27:05

by Blade
Pushes victims backwards if they've been hit (with normalized vector)

Knockback Details Version: v1.1.2
Updated:2007-07-28 19:56:30
Downloads: 3397

by Blade
Allows settings for adjustments to player's weapon recoil depending on his weapon.

Recoilmod Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2007-07-29 06:47:08
Downloads: 2935

by athonus
First Public Release: Give basic realism features.

Realism:Field Operations Details Version: 0.6.a
Updated:2008-07-31 21:03:02
Downloads: 3373

Real Damage Mode Screenshot
by westham
Players can have broken legs, and that will slow there speed. More comming in the 0.2 version!

Real Damage Mode Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2010-04-02 08:05:27
Downloads: 3023

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