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J3ff's CSS Pluggin - Version 1.0

posted on 2007-12-31 14:32:28
by Jeff91



This pluggin changes a few things is CSS. Hit Mods: Enable/Disable Cvar: J3ff_hitmods Hit mods allows players to have a chance to have an effect happen to the person they shot based on where they got hit. A headshot causes a red overlay on the screen and throws the victim's vision. A arm shot cause the victim to drop his weapons. A shot in the leg slows down the person you hit. And lastly hitting a person in the balls causes there screen to flash for a moment like they got hit with a flash bang :) Nade menu: Enable/Disable Cvar: J3ff_grenademods Enabling this allows players to type 'nademenu' in chat to purchase excess grenades over what they could normally carry, up to the maxium defined in j3ffpluggin.cfg. Any extra grenades purchased are given to the player once they use the one they are currently holding. Top Guns: Enable/Disable Cvar: J3ff_rankings If enabled this will track all kills scored with all weapons. Use 'top ' in chat to see the top ten people whom have scored a kill with the weapon named. ~J3ff


Configure the values in the j3ffpluggin.cfg to your liking then add es_load j3ffpluggin to you autoexec.cfg and reboot your server!

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2008-07-09 14:43:42 EST by Jeff91 (View Zip Contents)
Removed the base of the admin and advert sections as I am making them into their own script (and expanding them some) ~J3ff

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