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Adrenaline - Version .73

posted on 2008-07-18 17:23:27
by Jeff91



Adds an Adrenaline counter to the bottom center of all user's screens. Things that give adrenaline: [list][*]Being within 10 feet of a gun being shot +01% (2 Second) [*]Getting Blinded +10% (Expires over Duration of Flash) [*]Getting hit by a bullet or hitting some +03% (Expires over 6 Seconds[knife hit doubles duration]) [*]Being within 20 feet of an exploding grenade +05% (Expires over 10 Seconds) [*]Killing Someone +10% (Expires over 10 seconds[knife kill doubles duration])[/list] Bonuses from having adrenaline. [list][*]Take Reduced Damage equal to 50%*Adrenaline Score (Example: Damage = 24, Adren Score = .5 - Damage reduced by 6) [*]Move quicker, speed boost equal to half adrenaline score [*]Jump farther, jump boost equal to half adrenaline score.[/list] Enjoy and let me know about any comments/question/concerns :D ~J3ff

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