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Realism:Field Operations - Version 0.6.a

posted on 2008-07-31 21:03:02
by athonus


Realism:Field Operations. [b]Base Features include:[/b] 1> Fade to Black and stay black when Spec 2> Pistols for all and unique pistol ammo count per each class 3> Rocket can accually kill someone now. (*damage +33% and radius +50%) 4> Extra c96 and Carbine ammo 5> Extra Frag grenade for Assault Classes 6> Weapon Drop if shot in arm 7> 5 second Spawn Protection 8> 80 Health Mod 9> Medic! ('!medic' or 'medic' command) Heals 45hp if less than 20 health [b]Upcomming Update:[/b] Version 0.7.b Toggle: Blind in Spec CVar: Extra Ammo/Nades Per class Toggle: Improved Rocket Toggle: Weapon Drop when shot Cvar: Spawn Protection Time / On:Off Toggle: 80 Health at spawn More Realistic Medic features Add Realism Control Panel Auto Team Controler for Realisms Maybe even more... if i feal like it...


Extract to your ../orangebox/dod/ folder.

Version Notes For 0.6.a

Updated on: 2008-07-31 21:03:02 EST by athonus (View Zip Contents)
Version 0.6.a Basic Realism features

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