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CheapBulletWhizz - Version 2

posted on 2008-02-23 04:20:48
by SuperDave


Provides bullet whizz sounds. Requires only ES Options:[syntax="es"]// CheapBulletWhizz release 2 options // ./addons/eventscripts/cheapbulletwhizz/cheapbulletwhizz.cfg // // Load this addon with: es_load cheapbulletwhizz // This addon will turn on eventscripts_noisy. More information on eventscripts_noisy can be found here: // // Thanks to Juba_PornBorn for this idea! Juba's bullet whizz thread can be found here: // // Juba got the idea from a plugin called Bullet Whizz which can be found here: // // ***** General options ***** // Distance from a bullet's trajectory at which players hear whizz sound at maximum volume cheapbulletwhizz_distance_min 50 // Maximum distance a bullet's trajectory can be to hear a whizz sound cheapbulletwhizz_distance_max 300 // 0 = players hear the whizz from all bullets, 1 = players hear the whizz from bullets of opponents only cheapbulletwhizz_opponentsonly 0 // ***** Sound options ***** // Use the following server command to add bullet whizz sounds: // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound -"sound relative to ./sound/"- // Sounds are marked for download automatically. // Place your cheapbulletwhizz_addsound commands below: // Uncomment the following default options if you wish to use them: // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound "ambient/animal/flies1.wav" // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound "ambient/animal/flies2.wav" // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound "ambient/animal/flies3.wav" // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound "ambient/animal/flies4.wav" // cheapbulletwhizz_addsound "ambient/animal/flies5.wav" // The following server command can be used to remove bullet whizz sounds: // cheapbulletwhizz_removesound -"sound relative to ./sound/"- // Due to the fact bullet whizz sounds can be added and removed above, this command will not be used by most users // ***** Event documentation ***** // The following event will fire while BulletWhizz is loaded: // bullet_whizz // - Fires when a player hears a bullet whizz sound // event_var(userid) - Userid of the player who heard the sound // event_var(distance) - Distance from the player the bullet traveled // event_var(attacker) - Userid of the player who fired the bullet // This event also provides event_var(es_steamid), event_var(es_username), and all the other event_vars that accompany // event_var(userid). More information can be found here:[/syntax] Please see the forum link below if you have questions or comments.


Install with:[syntax="es"]es_install cheapbulletwhizz[/syntax]Load once for [b]cheapbulletwhizz.cfg[/b] to appear:[syntax="es"]es_load cheapbulletwhizz[/syntax]Configure your options in [b]cheapbulletwhizz.cfg[/b] and then reload the addon.

Version Notes For 2

Updated on: 2008-09-15 02:03:44 EST by SuperDave (View Zip Contents)
- Updated to use cfglib - Fixed a potential memory leak where players were not removed from the bullet whizz database

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