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Admin Teleport Screenshot
by Undead
Advanced Admin Teleport System

Admin Teleport Details Version: 1.9
Updated:2009-03-24 23:42:47
Downloads: 20270

Allows admin to define custom placenames in a map by defining the corners of the cube where the placename should be. After defining placenames for a map, you can determine where a user is located by calling pn_getplacename from another script

Custom Placenames Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2008-06-15 01:52:33
Downloads: 6304

Led by: 'intensityy
"Location" is a easy tool to get your current coordinates on a map!

Location Tool - Get your current Location Details Version: v1.1
Updated:2010-04-24 15:13:18
Downloads: 1960

Save Spawn Screenshot
by Deathyy
A simple savespawn script. "!savespawn" saves your spawn location and "!delspawn" deletes your saved location.

Save Spawn Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2010-09-08 23:00:11
Downloads: 3522

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