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Admin Teleport - Version 1.9

posted on 2009-01-03 14:46:02
by Undead


When an admin types '!teleport' a popup will displaying a list of options to choose from. Within the certain menus dealing with other players, it will show a menu of everyone's name that is currently alive to select from. Please note: Any players that are involved in a teleport will be in noblock for 5 seconds! [b]Features:[/b] [list] [*]Teleport To Player [*]Teleport Player to Me [*]Save Spot for Teleport - *3 Slots* [*]Teleport to Saved Spot [*]Teleport Other to Saved Spot [*]Teleport Player to Another Player [*]Enable/Disable: Auto-Teleport on Round Start [/list] [b]REQUIRES MANDATORY GAMETHREAD FIX:[/b]


-Extract files to Root Game Directory -Modify the 'admin_list' in 'addons/eventscripts/admin_teleport/' ***Has optional Mani Support(Default: off).*** To enable, open 'addons/eventscripts/admin_teleport/' and find the line: [code]mani_support = 'off'[/code] Replace with: [code]mani_support = 'on'[/code] That will enable all and any admin within the clients.txt to be able to use this feature. Please note that even if they don't have the 'teleport' flag, they can still use it. If mani_support == 'off', you can only have players with the auth power of "teleport" that can run the !teleport cmd. Ex. of Auth for autoexec.cfg: [code] es_load examples/auth/group_auth es gauth group create "Admins" SERVER_VAR(AUTHSERVICE_ADMIN) es gauth power create "teleport" SERVER_VAR(AUTHSERVICE_ADMIN) gauth power give "teleport" "Admins" gauth user create "Undead" "STEAM_0:1:8592283" gauth user join "Undead" "Admins" [/code]

Version Notes For 1.9

Updated on: 2009-03-24 23:42:47 EST by Undead (View Zip Contents)
Added Auth Support Added 3 Slots to Save Spot Location Revamped majority of script

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