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GEARS Dev Tools - Version 1.01

posted on 2008-12-26 20:17:18
by carbon-14


[size=24][b]GEARS Development Tools[/b][/size] [b]GEARS[/b] is a set of development tools that are designed to aid in the creation of CSS scripts. Version 1.0 includes a complete profiler for your scripts, supporting all of valves events and an accurate timer, with a clear output in an easy-to-read format. [b]Features[/b] [u]Profiler[/u] - To profile your script simply load it using es_load, then use the command 'g_profile [basename] [iterations] [time]', where [basename] is your addons base name, [iterations] is how many times you would like to run each function (Some functions run so fast the profiler cant pick it up), and [time] is the optional time for how long you want to run the profiler (If you leave this blank use 'g_stop_profile' in the server console or client console to stop the profiling and display the output) More features are to come.


Extract to /cstrike/, and add es_load gears to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.01

Updated on: 2008-12-26 20:41:27 EST by carbon-14 (View Zip Contents)
1.01 Small bugfix

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