User Addons

Allows Admins to Kick/Ban players by Chat or Console

ChatAdmin Details Version: 3.1.2
Updated:2011-09-18 08:54:23
Downloads: 19177

This Addon will unblind Teamflashed Players. So it is impossible to Teamflash

No Teamflash Details Version: 1.2.7
Updated:2012-01-11 18:01:34
Downloads: 29928

Saves NON-Permanent bans. So the bans will not expire at a server restart.

BanSaver Details Version: 1.3.4
Updated:2014-03-19 14:31:32
Downloads: 34806

AdminRestart Screenshot
Allows Admins to restart the Server by Chat or Consolecommand

AdminRestart Details Version: 1.0.2 rev15
Updated:2013-08-07 21:03:27
Downloads: 3967

Easy Team Changer Screenshot
Easily change the team with an opponent player by typing a simple command

Easy Team Changer Details Version: 2.0.2
Updated:2012-09-06 11:21:55
Downloads: 10769

When a Player joins on the Server he will automaticly get a Popup to view the Server admins and Rules

Admin and Rule Popup Details Version: 1.1.1 Beta
Updated:2010-08-14 05:49:20
Downloads: 9243

Every Player can choose his favorite Joinsound, he wants to hear when he joins

Favourite Joinsound Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2010-01-24 13:08:04
Downloads: 6428

WeaponGive (German/Deutsch) Screenshot
Erlaubt Admins Waffen an Spieler zu vergeben.

WeaponGive (German/Deutsch) Details Version: 1.0.5b
Updated:2010-08-28 08:56:25
Downloads: 12046

EasyAdverts Screenshot
Einfaches Erstellen von benutzerdefinierten Adverts

EasyAdverts Details Version: 1.0.0 rev2
Updated:2012-08-19 16:31:38
Downloads: 2809

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