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ChatAdmin - Version 3.1.2

posted on 2009-03-31 17:11:13
by Brainsucker

Requires: Requires at least BASIC_AUTH to work. I personally suggest INI_TREE_AUTH.


Allows special Players on your server to kick/ban players on your server [u][b]Commands:[/b][/u] You can set your prefered command to kick/ban a player in the configuration file. (chatadmin.ini) Information: Parameters in [ ] brackets are OPTIONAL Example with default commands: Kick: <Your Kickcommand> [<Reason>] !kick Away from Keyboard! !kick Away from Keyboard! After this Chatentry a popup will appear where you can choose all the players you want to kick with the Reason 'Away from Keyboard!'. Choose them and then press 'Kick them' Ban: <Your Bancommand> [<Bantime> [<Reason>]] !ban 1m2w You are annoying! !ban 1m2w You are annoying! After this Chatentry a popup will appear where you can choose all the players you want to ban with the Reason 'You are annoying!'. Choose them and them press 'Ban them'. [b]What does the 1m2w mean?[/b] If you want to ban the player for some days, months or maybe years you can use some shortcommands to automaticly ban the user for the specified amount of time. In this example the user would be banned for 1 [b]m[/b]onth and 2 [b]w[/b]eeks. You can use these wildcards: [b]y = years m = months w = weeks d = days[/b] Logfile: The logfile can be found in the following path: [b]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/chatadmin/adminlog.txt[/b] The Addon will write all kicks and bans into this file. Autoupdater: The Addon will update itself to the latest version. Notes: If you use 0 as bantime the Player will be banned PERMANENTLY! I recommend installing the Addon [url=]Bansaver[/url]. ChatAdmin is only tested with Counter-Strike: Source!


1.) Upload or Copy the folder chatadmin into [b]cstrike/addons/eventscripts[/b] 2.) Open the [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] in this Folder and write in a new line [b]es_xload chatadmin[/b] 3.) Then restart you Server and done :)

Version Notes For 3.1.2

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