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AdminRestart - Version 1.0.2 rev15

posted on 2012-08-18 21:58:53
by Brainsucker

Requires: This Addon requires a running Auth system. For more information, check this page:


[color=red]Notice: THIS ADDON ONLY WORKS FOR LINUX SERVERS AND IF YOU USE THE [/color][color=blue]-autoupdate[/color] [color=red]startparamter![/color] [b][u]1. What's the function of this Addon?[/u][/b] This Addon allows authorized Users to restart the Gameserver by using a simply Chat or Consolecommand! [b][u]2. How to use the commands of this Addon?[/u][/b] Default Chatcommand: [b]!restart[/b] Default Consolecommand: [b]restart_server[/b] Default RCON-Command: [b]ar_restart[/b] [b][u]2.1 What kind of parameters can be used with these commands?[/u][/b] Generally the following parameters are available: [LIST] [*] <time of day> [*] <delay time until restart (in seconds)> [*] <[b]cancel[/b] / [b]stop[/b]> [*] <[b]info[/b]> [/LIST] [b][u]2.2 What about some parameter examples? :)[/u][/b] Chatcommand examples: [b]!restart 18:00[/b] - [i]This Chatcommand would restart the Server at 18o'clock (6pm)[/i] [color=red]Notice: If the specified time is already passed at this day, the Addon will automaticly restart the server 1 day later at the specified time![/color] [b]!restart 300[/b] - [i]This would restart the server in exactly 300 seconds (=5 minutes). For sure you can use here any value you want.[/i] [b]!restart stop[/b] or [b]!restart cancel[/b] - [i]This would stop any running server restart countdown.[/i] [b]!restart info[/b] - [i]This will show you informations, when the server will be restarted and how many time is remaining until the restart (if there is any restart running ;) )[/i] [color=red]Notice: The parameters for the Consolecommand and the RCON-Command work exactly like the parameters for the Chatcommand.[/color] [b][u]3. What kind of features does this Addon provide?[/u][/b] [LIST] [*]This Addon provides an automatic update check. Every time the addon is loaded, it will automaticly search for a new version of this Addon. [*]The Addon also has a automatic logging system. These logs are saved in the [b]restarts.txt[/b] file right in the Addon's folder. [*]Automatic configuration file creation. The Addon will automaticly create a configuration file &#40;[b]config.ini[/b]&#41;, if the file is not found in the Addon's folder. [*]The Addon will also announce the remaining time until the restart in specified intervals as a Chatmessage! [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.0.2 rev15

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