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by Don
I-Spy allows you to spy on any other player. You can see what they see!

I-Spy Weapon Cam V1.0 - Released 8/11 Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2007-07-13 19:17:05
Downloads: 2921

When a user uses the command +3P (they can bind it) they'll see themselves in 3rd person.

Eins3P Details Posted: 2006-05-02 00:28:16

Sun a little bright today? Why not put on some shades and protect yourself from harmful HDR rays.

MB_Shades Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2007-07-12 11:02:35
Downloads: 3036

by Mattie
An invisible spycam is automatically deployed shortly after the round begins.

SpyCam by Mattie Details Posted: 2006-05-08 22:38:24

by McFly
Updated again ! Using the new FOV offset. Also added screen overlay.

[AddOn] - Binoculars - Current Release: V1.1 - Details Posted: 2006-06-28 08:01:34

by Don

G-Cam V2.0 Updated 8/19 - Added Grenade CAM! Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2007-07-13 19:15:22
Downloads: 2712

Vc_Stats Screenshot
This is a great plugin with the function to read the clients variables.

Vc_Stats Details Version: 1.0 FINAL
Updated:2008-03-26 18:47:11
Downloads: 4926

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