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kingPING's Knife Gouranga ScreenShot

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kingPING's Knife Gouranga - Version v 0.8

posted on 2008-06-21 21:05:45
by kingpings

Tags: css knife rank


First, stores knife deaths of the players in a database, showing a player how many deaths brings knife to kill another when using it. The last thing that has been added is a system of bonuses to the deaths knife, in a similar way as happens when holding or deactivate a bomb. It works like this: 1) are not taken into account deaths caused by knife killing a teammate. 2) are not taken into account deaths knife if it is a struggle of 1 to 1 (when only 2 players births). 3) The bonus is calculated on the basis of deaths knife to be carried in a single round, so that the first death gives a x2 (an extra point), when a second mate enemy in the same round will one x4 (three extra points) and so on (x8, x16, ...). 4) When you get a bonus x4 or higher, will play the sound "Kill frenzy", caught in this great game that was the GTA He has added the ability to show the statistics themselves. To do so, say! Kstats. There is also a ranking of 5 best stabbed, which you can see saying! Krank.


set in to autoexec.cfg es_load dead_kniferank

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