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Molotov-Cocktails Screenshot
Molotov-cocktail, nade script.

Molotov-Cocktails Details Version: 1
Updated:2009-10-21 05:38:11
Downloads: 7719

orbs Screenshot
Receive Health from Orbs, When Breaking Props

orbs Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-08-06 06:29:45
Downloads: 5460

by roof
BulletTime in CS:(S)/DoD/HL2DM! With tons of triggers to activate BulletTime on, this is a must have mod for any fun server!

Bullettime v2.0.0 [6/08/11] Details Version: 2.0.0
Updated:2012-06-23 07:18:27
Downloads: 22995

by sea212
A script, that's gonna make you feeling like you got really blasted away by a he grenade when you get hit by it ingame. if you want to try it, the radius is splitted in 5 parts, better throw near you [... more in Description] * added video

Realistic HE Details Version: 1.4f
Updated:2009-05-20 14:26:35
Downloads: 19866

(MB_)Powerup Re:Coded v.1.0d [5/08/11] Screenshot
by roof
Dead people leave powerups that players can pick up. Kinda like old school games. Now with powerdowns!

(MB_)Powerup Re:Coded v.1.0d [5/08/11] Details Version: 1.0d
Updated:2011-08-10 11:21:45
Downloads: 9573

by .:MiB:.
Puts the bomb in the air with a cool effect and you can set a sound aswell for when the bomb plants.

Air Bomb Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2010-08-11 15:47:00
Downloads: 3392

fx_menu Screenshot
50 effects in an easy menu

fx_menu Details Version: 1.01
Updated:2013-04-27 02:37:13
Downloads: 3291

big congratulations to all a Happy New Year

Happy New Year Details Version: 1.00
Updated:2010-12-25 07:47:35
Downloads: 2741

by ojii
Random Effects whenever you'er hit by a bullet! FUN!

Random Effects Details Version: 1.0.0
Updated:2009-05-01 04:08:43
Downloads: 3293

[FIREBALL] [ORANGEBOX] [VER 1.0] Screenshot
FIRE-BALL, nade script.

[FIREBALL] [ORANGEBOX] [VER 1.0] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-02-12 17:40:18
Downloads: 2722

[TF2] Ragdoll Effect Screenshot
setting the players death ragdoll effect.

[TF2] Ragdoll Effect Details Version: 1.4.0
Updated:2010-05-02 01:21:16
Downloads: 6469

HideExec: Hurt Effects [OB] Screenshot
Different Effects for when a player is hurt.

HideExec: Hurt Effects [OB] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-03-31 09:29:10
Downloads: 6183

Script with Multiple Functions. Like bhop boost, noblock, skin menu, join sounds, winsounds, etc.

RS-Multi Details Version: 1.6.0
Updated:2013-04-12 17:23:14
Downloads: 14095

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