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RS-Multi - Version 1.6.0

posted on 2012-06-07 00:00:50
by Remilia Scarlet

Requires: [url=]autokick_disabler[/url]


It's a mod there will allow you to maintain alot of features, in 1 script.. if you have any suggestion, put them in the forum thread :) List of Content in this scirpt : 16000 Each Round Bunnyhop Boost C4 Removal Death Effect Gun Menu -> /guns Join Sound No Block No Fall Damage Remove Buyzone Skin Menu Winning Sound ... More to come NOTE, everything can be both disabled / enabled 1 by 1..


Extract the files folder (addon / sound) to your servers cstrike folder Open autoexec.cfg in cstrike/cfg folder. Add a new line with : es_load rs-multi

Version Notes For 1.6.0

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Overall Optimization :)

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