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Molotov-Cocktails - Version 1

posted on 2009-09-30 02:26:38
by hyperheart


This is a basic ES script that combines matties napalm nades and, the bannana bombs to make a firey cocktail nade , changes the nade model to a bottle and ignites and when they explode there is a nice fire ball. This is my first script and thanks to SuperDave for the help and others that responded to my post. I feel these would make a great addition to any Fun server or definitly a Zombie server! ok guys thanks and enjoy.


Please unzip and place in your cstrike directory on your gameserver. cstrike/addons/eventscripts place the folder named cocktail in the eventscripts folder. Please Note: if you open es_cocktail.txt you can edit the damage and radius here. //Set the Damage they enflict default 700 es_setinfo cocktail_damage 700 <---Change to your prefrence. //Set there Damage radius default 250 es_setinfo cocktail_radius 250 <-- Change to your prefrence. other then that Add es_load cocktail to your autoexec.cfg and reset your server.

Version Notes For 1

Updated on: 2009-10-21 05:38:11 EST by hyperheart (View Zip Contents)
Provided proper file structure for ESAM approval. Also removed the infinite nades now you only get one until you buy another. Stay tuned I will be releaseing version number 2 very soon!

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