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LoadLR - Version 0.81

posted on 2009-09-05 05:30:03
by lazylion


Tags: css


This addon is for Leagues, PCWs, FCMs, Mixes, Pickups... (5v5 games) LoadLR records (saves) every players info (score, primary gun, secondary gun,armor type, armor amount,cash,flash (1 or 2),HE, smoke, kit, NV) at every round start and allows you to load the info at the needed time (server crash, accidental RR) [img][/img] @AddAdmin - Allows you to add an admin (access to the script). You can add by SteamID or by partial nick if player in the server @RemoveAdmin - Remove access to the script. Only by SteamID @AdminList - Displays Admin list by "Nickname - SteamID" @record - The addon will start recording players info from next "round start" @LoadLR - Loads last "round start" with all the info @stop - stop recording info p.s the video is an old version ... on this version it loads the main score as well


copy [b]es_loadlr.txt[/b] to [b]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/loadlr[/b] dirctory on the FTP add the line [b]es_load loadlr[/b] to server.cfg on the FTP restart server get in to the server and type [b]@AdminMe[/b] in chat (possible only once) [img][/img]

Version Notes For 0.81

Updated on: 2009-09-05 08:27:14 EST by lazylion
minor bugs fixed

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