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Fade2Black - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-02-08 16:03:39
by JoeyT2006


[size=18][color=red]Fade2Black v1.0[/color][/size] Created by [color=green]JoeyT2008[/color] [size=18][color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size] [list][b][*][url=]EventScripts v2.0 or higher.[/url][/b][/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Description:[/b][/color][/size] [list]Simple script to stop people from IP Ghosting, it will blind players on death, and let them see again when the other people on the same IP are dead, or they respawn.[/list] [color=blue][size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size][/color] [list]1. Extract to your cstrike folder. 2. Add es_load fade2black to your autoexec.cfg. 3. Restart server.[/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Download:[/b] [/color][/size] [list][b]:arrow: [url][/url][/b][/list]

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2008-02-08 17:58:39 EST by JoeyT2006 (View Zip Contents)
[color=blue][size=18][b]Version Notes:[/b][/size][/color] [list][u][b]Version 1.0[/b][/u] [*]Released to public.[/list]

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